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  • Re: Raiding

    Jeremy said:
    I'm not sure what you mean. This is a completely optional system. You do not have to participate and you lose nothing if you stay out of it. You do not have to do any PvP. 

    The problem is that if you don't want to participate in this right now, Imperian offers you nothing else, except bashing, which even for someone like me that enjoys it, gets repetitive after a while. Crafting is a high investment (and with the guild a huge amount of frustration, frankly) for almost no reward, running shops if you don't buy a token one and put it in Caanae is a good way to lose money, and you can't even do caravans anymore since those got tossed into a group activity I have never seen anyone do in all of my time playing Anette.  I don't have an easy answer to "fixing" that, but ... that is pretty much the problem, right there.

    Moreover, as someone who was looking into getting into PVP, this doesn't offer me much impetus to get into it.  I don't really get any reward personally for participating, so why would I?  Colour me selfish, but I don't like to spend time doing something that doesn't advance Anette as a character.  It's why I can stomach a whole bunch of tedious bashing, but I don't do ... most other things, really.

    [edit] This is probably a bit OT.  I'll think on this some more and put non-raid related thoughts elsewhere, later.  But for what it's worth and in the interests of not being down on everything, I liked @elokia's events last year.

  • Re: I HEART

    So I got an email today

  • Re: I HEART

    I gotted a snowglobe from the wheel.
  • Re: Treasure Maps

    Ultrix said:
    Anette said:
    Scratching your head, you take a long look at a treasure map of Aetherius, trying to figure out
        where to go.
    It has a big red 'X' in the middle of 'the Red Carnival'.
    Seems as though this may take some searching.

    Where tee eff is that? :/

    Try PATH FIND 24207

    Right offa one of Stavenn's townes, seems.  Least there wasn't seige.

    You set about digging furiously.
    You unearth a gleaming phylactery!
    As you tentatively open the small box, it bursts into brilliant golden light that blinds you
        completely. As your vision slowly clears, a weak, quavering voice says, "I may be gone,
        Anette, but you shall take a piece of me with you..."
    You have been granted a tattered map of the Blighted Hollow and 4 gladiator tickets.

    So a map piece, basically, with my gambling luck xP

    Thanks though!

  • Re: I HEART

    [ACHIEVEMENT]: You have completed the 'Title Addict' Achievement! You have earned Overachiever Racial Title.

    I don't know if it was @Hexe or someone else that implemented that, but to whoever did, you are a god amongst men.