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  • Re: Making Sects and Shrines Better - Brainstorming

    Swale said:
    Anarys said:
    Swale said:
    ....having to compete against a nearly unlimited network from a former powerhouse (but seriously, why haven't you guys taken out Conquest? - there is no love lost there).
    Because they don't have an inactive entity and we didn't want to ostracize ourselves more than we figured we would be by doing the things. :(

    I'd always give away an entity, even if he was sort of alright - but I am just a filthy casual who does what I'm told.  Well, hrm!  That said, intra-circle conflict is all the rage now what with the politics of blowing stuff up.    
    Totally agree, but we just sort of picked one and the inactive entity was the deciding factor. We actually did bat that drama around but since we'd just sort of fruitlessly warred with Antioch, and demonic didn't have anyone, magick got the short end of the stick there. :S We sort of thought they'd like the conflict. Booooy howdy were we wrong. :(
  • Re: Imperian In-Character DnD

    Still making up my examples of how a campaign COULD be arranged...

    Campaign Scale:
     Here you'll determine where your 'failed' attempts start and your 'exceptional' successes end. In this example, we'll be rolling a pair of dice with six sides: so a two will be a miserable failure. A twelve will be an amazing, possibly surprising success! Anything in between is at the discretion of the campaign leader.
     Example: If you roll a two, even with a knitting skill of twenty, you fail. You are awful. You have a ball of yarn and you can't wear it, and you accidentally dropped it in an algae-covered puddle ringed in pollen.
      If you roll a twelve, as high as our two 6-sided dice can go, you supremely lucked out: if you don't even know HOW to knit, you somehow blundered through making a hat. How? You knotted strands with your fingers until an ugly, lumpy funnel-shaped object happened and you gave it to your wife and called it a hat. How great are you?
      ANYTHING in between 3-11 is added to your natural level (level 5 knitting plus a roll of 3 yields 8, for example).
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Aodan said:
    Nikau said:
    In Aetolia, once you hit 80 you will no longer take damage from starving. However, you do still get hungry - and when you are full, you get the 'sated' defense, which gives you an extra 10% exp gain, providing an incentive to eat food. 

    I think Imperian has enough xp boosts, but perhaps something similar could be implemented?
    I would like this so you can replace the owl tattoo with something more useful. Especially because at 80 is about when most newbies want to start trying out pvp and need that slot for something else like hood

    Edit: so what I'm saying is make the food buff and owl mutually exclusive I guess
    I mean, if we did the food bonus, maybe ditch owl altogether. I'm tired of trying to convince newbies not to bleed to death because someone told them they need that bit more EXP.
  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    Aodan said:
    Monster Hunter World. Its amazing how a gameplay loop can be relaxing sometimes :o
    Your girlfriend has such pretty graphics! ;)