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  • Re: Making Sects and Shrines Better - Brainstorming

    Galt said:
    Well, let's see:

    You had us outnumbered already, yet called for Khandavan help and then later tried to justify it because some random warden died to my firewalls. Nevermind that the Khandavan help had been called before I even began using mage. 

    Then you stopped defiling... to switch which shrines you were defiling. 
    1. You outnumbered us with the Jeb and crew situation and we didn't whine.
    2. Khandava has been helping us on and off. We don't call - some people die and they show up and pick a side. Remember when you had Lartus? And we didn't complain? Khandava has been on and off this whole time because they WANT TO DO SOMETHING, you nut. Not because we asked them.
    3. I stopped arguing that we play fair with you guys because you decided to be an idiot and endanger newbies and everyone else by not only putting firewalls in your area. No, but also an adjacent area. Just that area? NO. ANOTHER ADJACENT AREA. You don't seem to know when enough is enough. And you didn't even effectively act with those firewalls - because the only thing that kind of cheap trick is going to kill are littles, which makes you a bully.
    4. We stopped defiling to give you guys a break. I was gone all day yesterday because I thought, well, we'll leave them alone. And apparently if I'm not here, no one picks targets. I logged in today and made my choice. The world is not, as you imagine, out to get you. You're just paranoid.

    I mean, your entire strategy now is GRAB YELLOW SHARD, KILL NONCOM, HIDE IN HOUSE. So... really, I think we've already won.
  • Re: I HEART

    That @Ozreas takes me into combat even though I'm a shameful combat partner who typically just keels over on him, forcing him to carry my dead weight (literally in a figurative sense?).

    Look, I have redeeming qualities and they are not PK or witty banter or ... well, I HAVE THEM, OK.
  • Re: Making Sects and Shrines Better - Brainstorming

    Galt said:
    Except it isn't the defenders that get to dictate the fights. It's the defilers. If a shrine is at 100%, YOU get to pick when the timer begins, and then we can only change the windows using bulwark. 
    You guys change our times EVERY time. Through defending, through sanctifying before we defile, bulwark, sceptres. What are you even complaining about here? We haven't even bothered to defile regularly because we felt like you guys clearly needed a breather. Why are you so mad when we're trying SO hard to be SO patient? I mean, we HAVE to start somewhere. Bad luck bro that it's with you. But we're trying to be as humane as we can be and you just don't seem to care at all.
  • Re: Making Sects and Shrines Better - Brainstorming

    Galt said:
    Perhaps not all conflict systems are meant to revolve entirely around who can win fights that they get to dictate?

    Perhaps sects and shrines are meant to be as much or more about time, effort and working on shrines than PK, and perhaps that's why this system isn't working the way you want it to. Yes, the system has issues, and I agree with @Naruj about the solutions, though other than actually making it harder for you to defile with no shrines, it wouldn't have changed much about the current conflict.
    Why do you want to punish me for playing this game that I already spend most of the day working in via keeping my org relevant, orgrequests, mob revamps, quest redesigns, volunteer work for other organizations, et cetera.
  • Imperian In-Character DnD

    Anarys is beginning a game in Aetherius - it will have some striking similarities to the real world's Dungeons and Dragons. It is called... Dice and Disasters.

    Everyone is currently welcome to request admittance - this IS an in-character situation occurring in an in-character clan, with your character choosing to play a silly game with other characters - because who doesn't want to roleplay roleplaying in a roleplaying game?

    Honestly, this is just for kicks and giggles, I'm hoping it'll be fun and funny. If you're interested, please let me know here or MSG ANARYS about Dice and Disasters, or the Ossein Brethren clan, however you prefer.

    -EXAMPLE: If you attempt to knit a cap, you apply your knitting level (5) to what you roll (this is at the discretion of who runs the campaign - you may just apply the level itself). In this example, you roll a 3, netting you 5+3 for an 8. We'll say knitting at a five is an awful hat, whereas a fifteen would be the most impressive hat anyone has ever wanted: at an eight, you make a perfectly mediocre hat. It is chartruese.