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  • Re: Making Sects and Shrines Better - Brainstorming

    Swale said:
    ....having to compete against a nearly unlimited network from a former powerhouse (but seriously, why haven't you guys taken out Conquest? - there is no love lost there).
    Because they don't have an inactive entity and we didn't want to ostracize ourselves more than we figured we would be by doing the things. :(
  • Re: Making Sects and Shrines Better - Brainstorming

    Galt said:
    That was the first time we've had equal numbers, or outnumbered you, in this entire conflict and it was by what, one person?

    And, not sorry, but points 2 through 4 actually make me laugh. Especially 3, because I laid firewalls along a maybe 30-room path, the one person who died to them isn't a newbie at all, he's about level 80 and the leader of a towne, and the funniest part is that you think the sole purpose of the walls was damage. True, I could have capitalised on some of it better (Like I now do!) but that still makes me laugh.

    As for grab yellow shard, kill noncom, hide in house...

    That's not quite how it went. It was actually: Galt kills Kamaylie, Galt removes Tywin, Galt changes statpack, Galt kills Anarys, Galt kills Anarys again, Galt kills Ulanna, Ohm kills Ulanna, yellow shard is harvested and taken far away, Galt and Ohm go back to harvest the rest of the shards, Anarys, Aodan, Dreacor, Ulanna and Dimitri all turn up so Galt and Ohm skip merrily away, singing tralala falala, safe from the savages and with pockets full of shards.

    I may have made the skipping part up. The rest is true, though.
    re: firewalls - like bro, stop saying it, I know that damage wasn't the plan, but that's what you got out of it since your plan sort of... failed otherwise.

    re: Arian - he's a noncom and level 80. He doesn't PK. I was worried about newbies and players like Arian, because I'm not a jerk and these thoughts occur to me. I am glad newbies didn't die, but that doesn't change the fact that your overreaching plan, could have killed them.

    I could keep arguing, but honestly, I'm tired of fighting with you about bringing conflict, entertainment and energy to this game.

    I'm pretty OK you got the yellowshard and that Ohm got to profit off of it - but you can keep being rude to me on the forums. I can take it.
  • Re: Making Sects and Shrines Better - Brainstorming

    Galt said:
    Well, let's see:

    You had us outnumbered already, yet called for Khandavan help and then later tried to justify it because some random warden died to my firewalls. Nevermind that the Khandavan help had been called before I even began using mage. 

    Then you stopped defiling... to switch which shrines you were defiling. 
    1. You outnumbered us with the Jeb and crew situation and we didn't whine.
    2. Khandava has been helping us on and off. We don't call - some people die and they show up and pick a side. Remember when you had Lartus? And we didn't complain? Khandava has been on and off this whole time because they WANT TO DO SOMETHING, you nut. Not because we asked them.
    3. I stopped arguing that we play fair with you guys because you decided to be an idiot and endanger newbies and everyone else by not only putting firewalls in your area. No, but also an adjacent area. Just that area? NO. ANOTHER ADJACENT AREA. You don't seem to know when enough is enough. And you didn't even effectively act with those firewalls - because the only thing that kind of cheap trick is going to kill are littles, which makes you a bully.
    4. We stopped defiling to give you guys a break. I was gone all day yesterday because I thought, well, we'll leave them alone. And apparently if I'm not here, no one picks targets. I logged in today and made my choice. The world is not, as you imagine, out to get you. You're just paranoid.

    I mean, your entire strategy now is GRAB YELLOW SHARD, KILL NONCOM, HIDE IN HOUSE. So... really, I think we've already won.
  • Re: Making Sects and Shrines Better - Brainstorming

    Galt said:
    How is me wanting a conflict system that doesn't work the way you want a punishment?

    You absolutely SHOULD need to win a large majority of the teamfights to make progress defiling a solid shrine network. You currently aren't doing that, yet keep acting like the problem is entirely with the system, not with the fact that your 'superior' force can't reliably win fights with 2:1 odds and Khandavan backup.
    We win a lot of fights? With or without Khandava? And sometimes you guys win a lot of fights. I'm totally okay with this and enjoy the back and forth. It doesn't make me mad, like it seems to do you. You do remember that -we- offered and chose to have people sit out to be fair with you guys, shortly before you guys decided to bring people like Jeb, Morgaze, et cetera? We didn't complain, we just killed came anyways and then when the tide turned, you all left.

    Is aegis perhaps too strong? Yes. Should it go away entirely? No. Defiling shrines should be an uphill battle, because all you're doing is going to teamfights every few hours. The defenders, on the other hand, had to spend time and effort raising the shrines, working on relics, and then they also have to fight the same fights. You're asking for your 50-50 winrate at just the teamfights to translate into progress because you've "put the time in" and "roleplayed this", when the defenders have spent way more time just on those shrines than you've spent on your entire sect.
    I did not say this. Why are you directing this at me? Do I hate aegis with a burning passion? Yes. Will I just be patient and wait it out? Absolutely. I think it would be silly to get rid of aegis, but I think it should be toned down. If nothing happens and it stays the same? Guess what, I'll still be here, doing this. Tada! (I think you're confusing me with @Sarrius, who extra hates aegis and wants it to die a death.) Besides, we WERE going to put shrines up until everyone started moaning about it. Now we're just ... not putting shrines up because we're both contrary and irritated that we're going out of our way to make this conflict more reasonable for your team and you're still yelling at us and stuck in the same old IDK HOW TO DO THIS.

    What about this is so hard to grasp? You're a brand new sect asking for the system to drastically change to suit your playstyle and negate the time and effort spent by older sects, because you don't want to put in the same time and effort. That's not ok. That isn't 'fixing' the system or 'balancing' it, that's nuking the time investment of other players because you're upset about that investment paying off.

    It is already far less time and effort intensive to defile than it is to raise and defend shrines. If you can't handle that, quit your sect and walk away.

    And like @Ryc pointed out - Flame sprung up fast due to good planning and did so within the current system, so it's perfectly possible. This means the problem is not the system, nor balance, the problem is Hollow not being capable enough.

    Realistically, you could say that our sect is the only sect who has really, recently, put this defile system to the test. Why shouldn't we have input? Because we haven't been playing for a hundred years at the same system? That's rude, foolish thinking - like saying highschoolers can't have a political opinion because they're young. You can disagree all you want - but you can't tell us we shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion. That's thoughtless. Look at it this way:

    We all agree: shrines shouldn't cost so much to build, because gross. Who wants to 'work' in their game?

    We all agree: aegis lvl 3 sucks to defile against. If we had it, you'd hate it just as much. Should it go away? Probably not, idk, idc. Other people feel differently and that's OK.

    EDIT: To be fair "what about this seems so hard to grasp"? I could be just as condescending, but I'm not. Change is good. If a multitude of people on both sides agree that something could use fixes on both sides, why be mad? We haven't found a solution to everyone yet, no. But we will. Stop being so irritated all the time. This is the most activity Imperian has seen in a while, honestly. Players who were considering going elsewhere have stayed because they can find their PK here. Why lose that? Why hate that? It's just a game.