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  • Re: Split topic: Caravans and Circles

    That's some pretty strong talk from people who don't participate in the system much.  Let me drop some knowledge on you uninitiated.

    The caravans seem to spawn 1-4 caravans protected by a trader and some beef cake orcs stolen from areas around the world. We're not sure if they go to the same location, but we don't think so. You cannot hit the trader until they are all dead. You may get a message at the beginning of the run or at the end. You don't know. You don't know the end and you don't even know the beginning. You hit the area and run around like a chicken with your head cut off and drop walls to keep them from moving. Usually, this gets you killed.

    Now you engage the caravan. If you're not a top tier beefcake you likely die in one round. You can yank bash this (and the caravan can move) or you can prismatic tank. The problem here is when you hit the trader (like a mook) it resets all aggro to the mook. That mook dies and the orcs then dog pile your team. Ultrix, Ozreas and I got tired of mooks (who do not listen) so we bro-forced our way through it.

    The world needs 600 quartz to get beacons to unlock the rest of the system you're complaining about before you see it. We noticed early on when we were blindly killing people in the room (like mooks) we went 1/16 on caravans. Those orcs realized that the derp allstars were so busy slap fighting and preaching the same old banal hard lines that they could finish their run, no problem. This is stupid and wasteful. Luckily, more reasonable heads prevailed and we work together to MAXIMIZE our quartz hauls as a group. We could play the system like some bloodthirsty, pk hungry mooks (this is ironical) and get minimal pay outs or we could share the load and everyone wins.

    You guys are fine with your sharp sticks and Vahin's ghost. I want to upgrade to plasma casters and light sabers.

    *Being in demonic, I'm totally ok toeing the line and allowing someone in my team that is diminishing our research output to die. Don't kid yourself, Khizan would let demonic dunk you if you screwed up aggro 3 times.
  • Re: PK, Bounties, Shrines, and Protected Territories

    The cities you listed are already within enforcement range of their 'holdings'. What would you be changing about them?

    I know that every city got 5 associated bashing areas and they're all accessible to them. The weird part is how am I going to justify killing bard5 when he's in Menanon. The moment I'm done responding to his issue, I'm going to go bash the tanari out. I know the hypocrisy is 'role play' but it's tacky and really boils down to being a neck beard troll. I guess what I'm getting at is are we trying to consolidate these bashing areas so that you can give them territory to fight over?  If we're aiming to increase foot traffic, we're going to be forcing non-comms into situations where they're going to interact with a pker with a hair trigger whose looking for some fat juicy xp that can't defend itself. <-- Bashing areas too much work, not enough bang for buck

    Instead of focusing on the bashing areas, maybe you could focus on bringing the townes a little closer in? Khandava has 2 outliers. If I remember correctly, Ithaqua's and Kinsarmar''s towne holdings are absolutely miserable. You could bring them in closer to their parent orgs. Then what you can do is drop in some sort of quest (maybe even daily) that requires non-members to interact with these townes. Maybe you can be lazy and drop in Khizan's towne npcs, I dunno. I think townes are a much better option to foster the whole "GET OFF MY LAWN" conflict you're looking for. Bashing is really a tough spot because most of your bashers don't want to pk. <-- Townes = more bang for buck, better story, better rp, better mechanics

    Actually, are we moving things CLOSER to cities are FARTHER away? The wording is really weird. It could actually be both and each has it's own perks and drawbacks.
  • Re: Cult and Sect Expansion

    Given the avenue you're taking to interact with her order, I'd ignore you too since they don't have acyclovir (herpes treatment) in Imperian yet. The best way to deal with you is to ignore you. 

    That being said: (we sometimes make exceptions here)

  • Re: Cult and Sect Expansion

    Haha, yeah. Sarrius is sort of bored picking on a cult that doesn't fight and then killing people while they bash for faith. He's getting concerned that he may actually lose some of the issues that he's earning. Update needed. Unable to stop being dumb.
  • Re: Damage (without setup)

    I don't see why you need an elite pottamus super tier 1 combatant ninja to test on. All you need for a test dummy is someone to sit there and not die. Having seen your setup, that's 90% of magick.

    You need to get balance/eq/icd timers. That's you.
    You need them to report damage. (Resists check is gifted survival)
    If you may kill them, pay their way into the arena. (Aka, testing spam kantae delta 5.)

    You people over think this crap far too much. You find someone with 400 health and you hit them. They don't even have to be at the keyboard. It's not like death means anything in this game anymore. After that, continue doing what you're doing now, dying to every class in the game. It's generally the best way to learn.

    Edit: Learn != file bad classleads.