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  • Re: Quotes

    Hundreds of lines of affliction spam 
    [M] Mathiaus: Afflicted Celestine anorexia.
    [M] Mathiaus: Afflicted Celestine clumsiness.
    [R] Mathiaus: True-Locked - Celestine.
    Mathiaus has been burned alive, slain by Celestine.
    [R] Mathiaus: Died to Celestine - the Festering Bog [11992].
    [R] Mathiaus: Damn it.
    Celestine has been mauled to death by a tumor-ridden hound.

  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat

    Passive heals are not as good as you think they are. If you're leaning heavily on a passive heal to pull your hind parts out of the fire that's bad. Passive heals are a nice perk, but they're pretty terrible to sit there waiting for "THE ULTRIX" which destroyed Wysrias faith in a sense of balance in the world. Basically, Ultrix got the dream tick of passive healing that broke the lock and then won the RNG lottery when she cured the lock afflictions in order. This doesn't happen very often. This almost never happens. "HEY PASSIVE HEALING COULD YOU HELP ME OUT OF THIS SOFT LOCK?" Passive healing is like: cured dizziness. Thanks man. Don't work too hard. 

    You know what's better than passive heals? ACTIVE heals. They're like the health pack when I need the health pack. I choose when to use them and this goes a long way, because I'm only going to use it when I need this. This is Cadmus. This is Might, Purify, arinyu. (@Mathiaus hero) I'm going to throw bliss on here as well.

    You know what's better than Active heals? SPECIFIC ACTIVE HEALS. These are the bees absolute knees. They cure a specific affliction. In the case of rage, this cures anything cured by galingale (mostly). Relax? Sweeeeet.Fitness? Oh my god, this is the lock breaking special. I know that whenever I use this that this affliction is ONLY and ALWAYS going to cure asthma. This is game breakingly amazing.

    Passive healing: Templar, Cleric, Wardancer, Defiler,Malignist, Bard
    Active random healing: Templar, Cleric, Bard, Druid, Hunter, Wytch
    Specific Active: Knights (including Templar which has 2),  Warden, Monk, Druid, Hunter.

    Tl;dr: AM dips into the hilarious healing abilities koolaid pull more than any other circle. AM is over represented in classes that have access to fitness. Demonic is under represented in fitness expression (like @wysrias said)

    What's also important is that AM also has access to more flat damage defenses be they flat resist, +2 con, +passive/active healing or even vitality mechanics. AM is also #1 in representing all of these abilities.

    AM is exceptionally good at resisting affliction offenses AND straight damage offenses while bringing 2-3 of the best affliction/damage classes to the forefront of the game. What are they not good at? It's why there's 8000 templars and Clerics and like 2 predators.

    **I may have missed a few, but you get the idea. I was going to make excel tablets with highlights and arrows but effort.
    Kudos to @Ozreas for being a hero and knowing all the things.

    Post edited to remove personal attacks. --Eoghan
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  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat

    The best example of limb damage being lol retarded is I watched Mathiaus true lock Septus and Septus twisted ring back to Antioch. Homediggity then raptor tracked to Mathiaus, kai crippled him and double broke his limbs because the limb timer hadn't worn off yet. It was amazing and hilarious. Assassins aren't nearly as scary as limb damage, which AM has a monopoly on.
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    You shout, "I need someone to smith a battleaxe because Wysrias is the worst friend and has hung up his smithing hammer for life. Selfish git."

    A distant look in his eyes, Wysrias points a finger at you and utters a terrible prophecy involving failure.