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  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat

    Passive heals are not as good as you think they are. If you're leaning heavily on a passive heal to pull your hind parts out of the fire that's bad. Passive heals are a nice perk, but they're pretty terrible to sit there waiting for "THE ULTRIX" which destroyed Wysrias faith in a sense of balance in the world. Basically, Ultrix got the dream tick of passive healing that broke the lock and then won the RNG lottery when she cured the lock afflictions in order. This doesn't happen very often. This almost never happens. "HEY PASSIVE HEALING COULD YOU HELP ME OUT OF THIS SOFT LOCK?" Passive healing is like: cured dizziness. Thanks man. Don't work too hard. 

    You know what's better than passive heals? ACTIVE heals. They're like the health pack when I need the health pack. I choose when to use them and this goes a long way, because I'm only going to use it when I need this. This is Cadmus. This is Might, Purify, arinyu. (@Mathiaus hero) I'm going to throw bliss on here as well.

    You know what's better than Active heals? SPECIFIC ACTIVE HEALS. These are the bees absolute knees. They cure a specific affliction. In the case of rage, this cures anything cured by galingale (mostly). Relax? Sweeeeet.Fitness? Oh my god, this is the lock breaking special. I know that whenever I use this that this affliction is ONLY and ALWAYS going to cure asthma. This is game breakingly amazing.

    Passive healing: Templar, Cleric, Wardancer, Defiler,Malignist, Bard
    Active random healing: Templar, Cleric, Bard, Druid, Hunter, Wytch
    Specific Active: Knights (including Templar which has 2),  Warden, Monk, Druid, Hunter.

    Tl;dr: AM dips into the hilarious healing abilities koolaid pull more than any other circle. AM is over represented in classes that have access to fitness. Demonic is under represented in fitness expression (like @wysrias said)

    What's also important is that AM also has access to more flat damage defenses be they flat resist, +2 con, +passive/active healing or even vitality mechanics. AM is also #1 in representing all of these abilities.

    AM is exceptionally good at resisting affliction offenses AND straight damage offenses while bringing 2-3 of the best affliction/damage classes to the forefront of the game. What are they not good at? It's why there's 8000 templars and Clerics and like 2 predators.

    **I may have missed a few, but you get the idea. I was going to make excel tablets with highlights and arrows but effort.
    Kudos to @Ozreas for being a hero and knowing all the things.

    Post edited to remove personal attacks. --Eoghan
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  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat

    Homogenization is pretty bad. Look at AM: It's like 4-5 flavors of dsl. It's also been equipped with ridiculous training wheels (ab  cleansing).

    You can have an effective combat system that works really well, but there's sort of a disparity here because for the longest time physical damage classes were brawlers. They were tanky and put out decent damage. Burst damage classes were glass  cannons (mage, WD). Affliction offenses could lock you out of your offense and were also glass cannons.

    The problem is now that classes like Templar/Cleric have transititioned out of slow-build brawlers and are now high dps  and burst skillsets that can wreck you. They're also unnecessarily tanky and resistant to affliction kills. Nevermind the fact that they have cleansing training wheels. This makes them vastly superior  to  WD  and Ranger, so you see the population skew to  the training wheels classes.

    Another change with classleads is we've reduced the efficacy of affliction offenses on mitigating damage, but we did not give affliction classes something to fill that void.This is  why older players will erroneously state that malignist is tanky. It's  not. Septus has picked up 200 kills on Mathiaus through a veritable  tsunami of peace, confusion, and clumsiness.

    The classleads system has become more open and is favoring damage and 'enjoyable' play. This is a good thing. The problem is that older players (Who are lazy as balls) and new players (who don't understand affliction classes) are  terrified of the affliction boogie man and will not vote for tank upgrades. IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm honestly against making hunters and assassin any tankier than they already are because they're enough of an outlier that you almost cannot beat them 1v1  before you are truelocked. If you want to lose your truelock,we'll talk about you being more potent in a team sport.

    Also, there's a big disparity in circle  performance and statpack choice. (See: Fast/clever/int (Demonic), Athletic (AM), Int/Strong/Athletic (Magick))
    Demonic's classes rely on int for bashing damage and balance for right?

    We just need more classlead cycles to bangout kinks. Note:  This is not upgrade everything to be as  good as templar/cleric. Things need to be ratcheted down to a more modest middle ground.
  • Re: Shiny new knights

    So, my thoughts on this.

    Reave ramps up pretty high. Once I hit the threshold for procs to start firing, I'm never coming back from that. Maybe if reave ramped up slower? I dunno.

    Claymore damage was never ok. Comparing reaving axe damage to claymores is not ok. Claymores were 0 buy in, 0 prep, show up to the fight with an investment and start 1 shotting aspects out of a fight. We call it the Septus. It's not ok.

    Note: I like Septus, he's a nice guy. 
  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat

    The best example of limb damage being lol retarded is I watched Mathiaus true lock Septus and Septus twisted ring back to Antioch. Homediggity then raptor tracked to Mathiaus, kai crippled him and double broke his limbs because the limb timer hadn't worn off yet. It was amazing and hilarious. Assassins aren't nearly as scary as limb damage, which AM has a monopoly on.
  • Re: Cairns

    This may be a reversal of my opinion, but what's wrong with having someone log in at level 100 xp? I can't see a problem.  Chances are, 1/100 of those instapects are going to be notable outside of zerg 349. You know what there is to do from level 1-99? Nothing. People like Khizan, Eldreth, and I are going to turn you into a bloody mist because I know you're sitting at 80% of your full potential. The only thing Imperian has that's interesting is all end-game. Up until then, you're just shooting yourself in the foot.

    I think the death of cairnae is pretty sadface. It had more involvement than...let's be honest, anything else this game has done in the past few years. Cairnae participation probably rocked the socks out of the ToA and you spend six months getting that ready. People interacted. People fought. We drained more tokens from your busted **** economy than you ever did. I know I'm using strong words here, but the situation merits it. Your players were having fun and you just kind of dropped the anvil on it for...what? 

    To argue against myself, I can almost see why you would nuke Cairnae...if I squint really hard. My problem is that you just whacked the fun part. You know most of us think levels 1-99 are ****. You know that we hate the slow xp buildup. The pill would be easier to swallow if instead of "tell us how you feel" (pissed off and you knew would we would be) you said "We hear your cries, let us discuss how we can find a happy middle ground between cairnae xp fun fest and make it worthwhile." That ship hasn't sailed yet, just saying.