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  • Re: Shiny new knights

    So, my thoughts on this.

    Reave ramps up pretty high. Once I hit the threshold for procs to start firing, I'm never coming back from that. Maybe if reave ramped up slower? I dunno.

    Claymore damage was never ok. Comparing reaving axe damage to claymores is not ok. Claymores were 0 buy in, 0 prep, show up to the fight with an investment and start 1 shotting aspects out of a fight. We call it the Septus. It's not ok.

    Note: I like Septus, he's a nice guy. 
  • Re: Wormholes

    Or....another idea. I'm sort of writing this as I go because this just came to me talking on Bellatores.

    One thing that never made sense to me were obelisks.  They don't fit the game at all. As such, power call seems pretty dumb too. I also hate anything channeling (and so should you). Also spoon feeding AM wormholes is silly. Since we're not going to use ships (thank god) why don't we sort of bridge the gap and use wormholes/rifts and build around the concept?

    Wormholes will:
    Allow for movement between A and B and still have 'frequency' associated with them.
    Allow for movement between the mainland and the islands (where the obelisks are)
    Serve as a support network for PVE, PVP, shrine system, and be a sink for shards and PVP objective themselves. (AKA: battling over the caanae hub)

    I'll even explain away the theory for you. When the dogs died they just oozed diachaim like the sissy losers that they were. They bleed all over the place. You can argue that this god-blood (super powerful energy source) is able to effect space time. Go from there. Magick and Demonic are using business as usual, AM is allowed to use it because it's the essence of the fallen gods (which they used anyways) so there's no disconnect in ideology. You can also explore the nature of shards, obelisks, gods, entities to your heart's content.

    Next, we'll please the crowd and the business aspect(ca-ching). Make the wormhole skill (RIFTWALKING) into a new MINI skill (clocking in at 116c). Now you have to buy in to the skill to use it. Example of what this skill would look like

    Ok, I like rifts better than wormholes. It's just a simple noun change. Pls support. (I did this in my thesis and everyone thought it was cool)
    RiftWalking offers the following abilities:(oh my god, I love this name. Shout out to RIFTS, bro)
    Detection            Detection of wormholes, rifts.
    Glance   See what's on the other side of a rift/wormhole.
    Riftwalk   The ability to walk through Rifts on the mainland
    LesserRifts   Ability to create lesser rifts that extend only on the mainland
    Greater Detection  Detect wormholes between mainland/islands
    Continents? (Idk) Ability to walk between the mainland and the islands
    Greaterrifts   The ability to create greater rifts between the mainland and similar islands.
    Confluence   The ability to place more than one rift in a room (unlocked by city research)

    Yes, I said city research. To keep shards viable, you could build a new research tree (or two) relating to rifts (wormholes) that will unlock utility, offense, defense:
    -Defense examples:
    Increases forming the time of opening a non-frequency rift in an opposing affinity by 25%
    Implosion: Using 5 red shards and after a brief channel, you will instantly close all rifts in a city/towne area of any rift that does not sync with affinity

    -Offense examples:
    Immunity to surges (oh god plz, old enchantment)
    Increase the number of rifts able to be bound to a confluence at your generator (leads to panda train to islands) allows for a hub inside cities without 90 rooms

    Minor buffs like :increase surges, decreased surges
    Allow for shrines to link to one another through rifts

    Because I'm a jerk (and jerks make great antagonists), I would also allow Urzog and his minions to form horde wormholes and allow them to periodically form horde rifts to cities and have mini-raid, boss-fight events that would destabilize existing wormholes/rifts networks.

    Well, balls.  Wysrias reminded me that 'rift walking' happens in the riftwars saga so it happens in MKO. Boohiss. I totally forgot that was a thing
  • Re: Wormholes

    Contrary to the negative nancy, the wormhole ship has not sailed. Anything that can assist you in navigating the game quickly is very important in a myriad of scenarios. Things will get more interesting when someone (AM) spams sanctuary on an area bottleneck and you can just worm warp your way in behind them. Many people (including myself) would willingly pay for the convenience to avoid walking 40+ rooms just because some locations are not near anything. At the end of the day, with the surplus of iron elite credits, tokens, anything you throw into the widl to provide some substantial benefit is going to get gobbled up.

    Keeping frequency checks will be important when/if all sides have wormholes. It gives you a lot of latitude for interesting for systems like relics, shrines, and city defense. when you can search for 1 type of frequency with worm sources and detect things with worm tremors. It will make those skills more valuable (and rpy). You can work with non-city areas all being 'neutral' and anything inside cities being frequency tuned. Honestly, I'd throw a shard research tree to address some wormhole and defense mechanics and allow you to start applying your affinity/frequency to your towns. There's a lot of room here from new skills (profession and engineering based) to some shard, relic, sect stuff.

    Monk makes the most sense, but you have to be aware that 2 of AM's classes (and a large portion of their player base) have access to super wormholes in the form of deliverance/convocation/pilgrimage. It's just food for thought. Just to throw this into the mix, monk is also the absolute WORST class to put a wormhole on because of telepathy. Metagame a wormhole in Stavenn. Worm warp in. Mind radiance people. Worm warp out. That's a bad recipe for terrible behavior.

    Just to play devil's advocate, avoiding a system because 1/3 of the conflict doesn't have it is a bad design. By that logic, malignists deserve telepathy because they can't force people to tumble, radiance, mind crush, mind blackout, mind terrify at range. Food for thought.

    Anywho, wormholes are a tricky subject because a lot of people are Dr. Who fans and incapable of separating what you think you know about physics (not a lot) and what actually happens in game (See: When the Saboteurs were Time Lords). If you wanted, you can deus ex machina in some engineering in wormholes and call it a day.
  • Re: Biggest PK exp hauls

    Probably the killing the unstoppable offense achievement.
  • Re: Quotes


    The h is lowercase