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  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat


    Honestly, the ground runes nowadays are pretty 'eh'. You guys roll in large enough numbers that the ticks from uruz (lightning bolt) aren't going to be end of the world. You're better off tacking on some unnecessarily high damage claymore dsls with cleanse/flare.  If they wanted to, the sketch eq < imbibe eq and they could stalemate you. They don't do that, but it's possible. You should only imbibe the leech rune because that's a tacky way to fight and whoever did it should be shamed.

    In teams, sludge is a waste of equilibrium. 20 people have told Aakrin this and he'd be better off hitting you for ludicrous amounts of damage, but whatever. Sludge is only a problem if you're running and...why are you running? 
  • Re: Quotes

    It bears pointing out that just a week ago Krysallis was railing against the pk elitism. Now we're froth mouthing about rp elitism because a dude used one word improperly in a city log that nobody reads. If we were good roleplays, we'd kick Theophilius out of Stavenn as the traitor that he is and cycle in the next victim. In other news, the rp blight (perceived) dredges on with no end in sight. Scientists are studying the effects of divine choirs associated with in the rise and fall of various types of undergarments.Could this be the turning point of the rpocalypse? Only time will tell. Tune in next week at 5, 6, and 8 for your updates.
  • Re: Split discussion: Improving Imperian - server-side offense

    1) I never remember Krysaliss trying to pk as any of my derps. 

    Given how long you've played, your 'lack of entrance into pk' is entirely a problem of your own motivation. If in ten years you couldn't make a basic alias or copy and paste someone else's cookie cutter system...

    2) The idea that 'newbie system' will birth a mediocre fighter who will someday become an upper tier fighter is a myth. He is a newbie fighter because he's too lazy to code. If he doesn't want to code (ever) he will likely never advance past being a newb fighter.

    Coding is not some sort of eldrich secret jealously guarded by the few, the proud, the neckbearded. It's not 2006, despite what Akumu will tell you in classleads. Systems are hugely accessible in Imperian. We don't have anyone nice enough to be Vadi because they don't want to support your lazy ****. I don't blame them. There's an entire thread called "coding in mudlet" where you can ripoff damn near anything. You can honestly walk up to any affliction tracking pker and say "herpderpy can I has" and most of them will give you their aff tracker and likely tell you how to use it. This applies for shield/rebounding tracking and damn near anything you could possibly want...ever.

    I really enjoy this because it fosters a sense of interaction on both the coding Guru (in my case Lionas, Iniar, Fazlee, Septus) and the coding clueless (you, me, Wysrias). I ask them how to fix (and break and fix) things. They tell me I'm stupid and make bad decisions, but ultimately tell me how to fix it. As such, I've become marginally better at fix breaking.

    The lion's share of coding has been removed from your responsibility (autocuring). The last chunk is your responsibility. You can honestly collude and borrow other student's work to make the grade and show up to pk land with at least half of a right answer. The bandwagon of zerg in Antioch have figured it out. So can you. (they honestly just cut and paste 1 alias. I'm not even kidding.)

  • Re: Split discussion: Improving Imperian - server-side offense

    You didn't make a bard healing/offense system to play Imperian. You made a bard healing and offense system to participate in a specific game within a game that requires a combination of: ability, preparedness, and skill. Pick your comparison. I wouldn't say a sport, but we can say golf, poker, league of legends, dota. You won't log on instantly and not suck at those games. Why do you complain about it here? None of those have 'canned how to play' features.
  • Re: Relics


    Also, I think you need to take into consideration that you should not be able to 'steal' most relics. There's an active part of the population who will play this game and -never- form their own relics and just steal other relics. There needs to be a CD or a process that people have to work through. You don't want it to be 14hrs investment to build relic and 1hr investment to steal relic,