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  • Re: On current combat problems

    You can't balance combat around "how many people show up."

    You also can't whine about there being more people at a certain fight. Not to flame anyone, but I see Gurn at fewer shardfalls than Khizan, which is saying something. Your sample size and metrics are pretty suspect. Magick does pretty well when they roll in with team druidicicles and a few defenders. The problem is they really don't roll out very often.  I'm not saying AM isn't clearly dominant, but it's not out of control dominant. The benefit to AM is that some people like Azefel, Septus and maaaaaybe Ozreas regularly shard fall and know whats up. A large part of Zerg-o-tron is formed of people who couldn't hack it anywhere else and get by riding coattails and ez-mode classes. 

    As for the rest of this, there's buy in associated with every game in terms of intellectual and emotional investment. That's where it falls to the guild/city/circle members to be 'accepting' and not 'douchey'. You can ease the emotional burden (god, how is this a thing) and the intellectual burden by helping people understand what the crap is going on. Iluv does this by giving people a basic system for the class. Lionas does this by beep-whirring at people to fix code. I help people put tidbits of code together to make the game easier. At some point, you're going to have to break the immersion wall and help them become a better 'player' when we're talking about pvp. *Note: I only used demonic examples because that's what I see every day. I'm sure there are awesome people in every circle.

    Leadership helps with morale in bad situations (Ysaviel and Khandava) and exacerbates bad morale in crappy scenarios (Menoch and Stavenn). AM is riding god mode right now. That's how you pick up at least 75% of your zerg. I'm pretty sure Ander, Brishi, and Kalcer aren't there for the arghpee. People are so in love with god-mode that they're willing to stay in a ring with Dias, who puts Ashel and Khizan to shame when it comes to denigrating his own teammates. 

    At the end of the day, people are going to be better than other people by virtue of:
    -Ability to buy more credits than you (Dias, Shukron, Juran, Eldreth, Justus) <-- had to edit it because someone is #butthurt.
    -Ability to code better than you (Azefel, Lionas)
    -More experience pking (lots of people)
    -Ability to be friends with Lionas and Azefel (Waaaazzzzuuupppp)
    -Ability to sniff out exploits like a bloodhound (Azefel, Septus)
    -Ability to exploit a class and know when to jump ship (Kryss)
    -Ability to capitalize on timing and coat tail riding ability (Sarrius) <-- oh snap
    -Or any combination of the above.

    tl;dr Life isn't fair. Life is hard. The best we can do is try to ease the transition for players into pk. A good start is not yelling at them when you lose...Dias. Which, to be fair, I was guilty of at one point.

  • Re: I HEART

    Spoken like someone who doesn't understand combat at any level.

    The Azefel systems are nice perks. They take a bad combatant (like you, for example) and elevate them to the rank of tolerable. You can nerf a fazlee bot by hitting them. This is largely due to the fact that they are only good at spamming f1-f3. They don't react to situational changes in combat that get them killed. This is why Juran, Khizan, Azefel, and I are scarier than flavor of the month class exploiters.

    The druids and the mages take 0 coding. At least Azefel's system has to track toxins, rebounding, afflictions in/out. Shaylei and Seraphyne just have to only do one set of attacks and they can kill most of the game before they can get an offense going.

    See? Two different things. You should really learn what apples and oranges means. Anyways, on to your bad complaint.

    Is this a team fight? Are you prone, paralyzed?

    Things you don't know. Maglust was in wight, which increases the proc chance of soulquench. The slower the weapon, the higher chance of proc. Very slow weapons with wight get near 70%. Most not wight claymores are somewhere around 50%, I think. That means 7/10 times soulquench will proc. If it's proccing 100% of the time, that means the universe hates you and is working with the RNG to screw you over. Some people would call this karma. Maglust is battlecrying in strong. His dsl balance is 4.4s (should be) and his battlecry balance is 4.87 . He can only dsl as often as he as eq, which is every 5s. If you die to 200-220 damage every (especially with your inventory)  5 seconds you're probably doing something wrong. Maglust is sacrificing everything to do high burst damage. He's sacrificing mana (absolve bait), +2 con,  equilibrium and affliction pressure to hit really hard once every 5 seconds. It's a team combat build that lasts -maybe- six dsls, which is 30s

    There's an initiation step. Combat awareness. Learn it. Love it. This telegraphs exactly what Maglust's job is. There's a few way to avoid damage. Everyone knows them. 
    Maglust concentrates briefly on a truesilver claymore before plunging it into your torso. He withdraws the weapon, leaving a gaping hole and you watch in shock and horror as the weapon hungrily sucks up your blood.

    Also, if you're sensitive (half of second dsl), you're naturally going to take more damage. I heal about 164 toadstool/sip and I take more damage than you and Maglust can't burst me down. You have to remember your aura is popping up in between some dsls, so those dsls are half dsls and can't stick sensitivity.  Also, I'm calling shenanigans. If you're being honest and it was Maglust's very next had healed all the damage he did before he dsl'd again. Oops!

    Maglust slashed you with a claymore.
    H -73cp [12.0%] [143]
    Your hearing is suddenly restored.
    Maglust slashed you with a claymore.
    H -73cp [12.0%] [143]
    Soulquench hit you.
    H -34u [5.6%] [34]
    A prickly, stinging sensation spreads through your body.
    aff+ sensitivity
    423H69 629M98 *aA 14B [eb b][T:Maglust|L]

    To be fair, emblazon damage can exceed soulquench damage. Emblazon also lacks an initiation step and it's on 100% of the time. Templar claymores hurt as much as DK claymores (because they have inspiration) and can as much, if not more sustained damage, than a deathknight. So, if you're going to cry about deathknight damage. I expect to see your classleads nerfing templar. Actually, Aten can hit for 250-300 damage per round as a wardancer without any set up. I want to see your classleads nerfing that as well.

    I'd like to thank Dias for going out of his way to demonstrate a bad complaint for the classleads system.

    Fun fact: Most demonic classes eat damage like this from Monks, Wardens, Templars, Outriders and Tidalslash at every shardfall vs AM. (You should classlead all of them too, by your logic).
  • Re: Cults

    With a little bit of salesmanship, you could get Kanna to join. Boy in girl skin!