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  • Re: afk/idling, pros n cons

    Khizan said:
    As you would know if you were a real PKer, the effect dying has on a lot of people is that they go absolutely hilariously frothing at the mouth insane with rage. Ragequits, FIGHT ME LIKE A MANs, frenzied suicide attacks, torrents of messages, forum posts, the works.

    It's awesome.
    I have fifty one kills to my name, a decent selection of them seasoned combatants, some of them solo, and not one of them has ever thrown a pissy fit of any caliber at me for killing them. Not even when I used retardation.

    I might complain on the forums if I get killed but I know better than to rage at people for text pwning my text mans.
  • Re: Champion suggestion

    Ahkan said:
    It's hard to get back to that climate. Back in the day when most of us were earning our street cred, no one could cure. You had to be a defensive genius and an offensive genius. 
    That attitude pretty much amounts to "It's not fair that the average newbie can cure my offense! If you don't have a bachelor's degree in computer science, then you don't deserve to play this game." As someone who couldn't code her way out of a wet paper bag, I'm glad that things like Whyte's system and later the server-side autocuring actually allow me to participate in the game without being forced to learn things that I'll never have a chance of understanding.

    Just looking at the 2004-2005 era forums will show you that back then, when only a few people could cure, folks running around PKing everything that moved for any reason imaginable was a huge problem. Not a lot of people could fight against someone that knew what they were doing, and that kind of power was abused to no end. It didn't matter if you were a noncombatant; so much as "being part of a guild that my guild's at war with" was valid PK cause, upheld by the administration.

    Having at least a defensive system in place does well to partially mitigate that level of bullying and make people's gameplay experience a lot less painful.
  • Re: I HEART

    And auto-attacked things for you, auto-sold corpses to their respective buyers, and then auto-pathfinded you to the next bashing area once you're finished up at the current location.