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  • Re: Khizan's Classlead Repository

    Staffcast is about 110 damage every 3.8 seconds unartifacted and transfix has a cooldown that prevents it from being spammed over cataclysm, meaning your target has to be unblind already in order for it to work in the first place. If your target is shielded, your staffcast/transfix will rebound and hit you instead. Meteor arrows are effectively a gimped version of the Star tarot; broad longshot outperforms it by a long shot.

    Rangers can also use their ranged abilities like strafe and doubleshot indoors as long as they have LOS where mages are SOL in that regard.
  • Re: afk/idling, pros n cons

    Khizan said:
    Why would I care about the challenge? I just want them to die.
    Well, what does dying do to affect them? A few minutes spent not getting to play the game? What's that going to hurt them if they're AFK? A couple percent of XP gone? I can bash that up in ten minutes.

    It seems freakishly pointless to me to PK someone for the sole purpose of PKing them and it'd make a lot more sense to actually have fun by fighting them when they can fight back. That's ostensibly the point of PK, right? To have fun? By playing the game?

    Unless a person's idea of fun is picking on people who can't fight back, in which case they should find a time portal back to 1998 and play Ultima Online because they'll have a helluva time there blowing up AFK skill macroers.
  • Re: Champion suggestion

    Ahkan said:
    It's hard to get back to that climate. Back in the day when most of us were earning our street cred, no one could cure. You had to be a defensive genius and an offensive genius. 
    That attitude pretty much amounts to "It's not fair that the average newbie can cure my offense! If you don't have a bachelor's degree in computer science, then you don't deserve to play this game." As someone who couldn't code her way out of a wet paper bag, I'm glad that things like Whyte's system and later the server-side autocuring actually allow me to participate in the game without being forced to learn things that I'll never have a chance of understanding.

    Just looking at the 2004-2005 era forums will show you that back then, when only a few people could cure, folks running around PKing everything that moved for any reason imaginable was a huge problem. Not a lot of people could fight against someone that knew what they were doing, and that kind of power was abused to no end. It didn't matter if you were a noncombatant; so much as "being part of a guild that my guild's at war with" was valid PK cause, upheld by the administration.

    Having at least a defensive system in place does well to partially mitigate that level of bullying and make people's gameplay experience a lot less painful.
  • Re: Khizan's Classlead Repository

    Ahkan said:
    Magick could have a solid ranged game, but their mages suck and roll runeguard because mage is so hard.

    Passive-aggressive jabs aside, mage is hard because it blows ****. You will very rarely see a mage be successful in combat without thousands of credits worth of artifacts up their sleeve.

    Mages also have a frighteningly gimped ranged offense that not only punishes them when the enemy touches shield, but also can only be used outdoors.
  • Re: Khizan's Classlead Repository

    The only worthwhile things that mages can do at range are staffcast, meteor arrow and transfix. Both are blocked by shield and transfix has a cooldown that prevents it from being used efficiently (read: at all.) Also, cataclysm only functions against outdoors opponents to begin with, like meteor arrows (which themselves are useless in most cases.)

    To imply that a mage's ranged offense is superior to a ranger's is to imply that dropping rocks out of a hot air balloon is better than firing a guided missile.

    Runeguards also need to give up wielding a shield in favour of a tablet, which takes a decent chunk out of their total physical resist. They also can't flare with a claymore, while Templars, AFAIK, can.

    As a runeguard with a 35/35 tower shield, 85/65 fieldplate, Algiz rune mastery and Virtuoso evasion, I only mitigate about 50% of physical damage. The only reason they're really considered tanky is because they get +3 total con and level 3 racial regen from profession abilities.