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    After being a bit sad to find out that @Gurn is something called a "managerial economics major" and that this SEVERELY impacts his ability to be a filthy magicker PK-er:

    (Ring): Gurn says, "Oh ****."
    (Ring): Gurn says, "I can totally PK."
    (Ring): Gurn says, "I'm so proud of my past self."
    (Ring): You say, "Ohhhh?"
    (Ring): Gurn says, "Past self knew future self would be retarded so I have a "retard fight button"."
    (Ring): You say, "Hahaha."
    (Ring): Gurn says, "And it literally just does everything for me."
    (Ring): Leighanna says, "Heh."
    (Ring): Alvetta says, "Back in business!"
    (Ring): You say, "That sounds like a pretty smart button."
    (Ring): Gurn says, "I know the sabre set won't work anymore because of all the changes, but it should work just fine for battleaxes."
    (Ring): You say, "Well hell yes."
    (Ring): You say, "AXES GOOD."
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    edited November 2016
    needs battleaxe throw gurn
    fifth elephant - terry pratchett
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    I wonder sometimes if @Ultrix ever regrets dragging me off the bench. I'm pretty sure I heard the facepalm from here.

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    I saw that Deathsight.

    "I wonder if I should stop bashing and help out"

    *like 8 people die to Septus*

    "... I'm probably not needed"
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    get your crew to highlight the meteor channel start or your leader to call the target switch. switch target immediately as a group.

    hehe i remember when i used to use meteor with demogick but it only serbed to wipe my group and all the AM whales would just be tickled.
    fifth elephant - terry pratchett
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    that explains that burning sensation.
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    edited November 2016
    There are 1 players in this world.

    I'm so lonely.

    (this is also like 5 seconds after the server migration)
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    Iniar said:

    (Ring): You say, "Ichimoru has fallen! Sitrep: 19248, The southernmost point of the lake."
    (Ring): You say, "Room enemies (12): Seraphyne Kryss Alvetta Cassius Ressnik Zachariah Mathiaus Hiramius Shaylei Mallia 
    Risca Tikal."
    (Ring): You say, "Room allies (3): Iniar Ichimoru Khizan Iluv."
    (Ring): You say, "My current target: Tikal."
    (Ring): You say, "Recommendation: OMG we're all gonna die…"
    Man, the amount of BS coding I did for fun in Imperian. :)
    wit beyond measure is a Sidhe's greatest treasure
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    19:10:16 (Market): Lartus says, "Seeking information on Kush."

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    RP being drunk while you're drunk.
    And yeah my target was shovel. Last night was weird.

    Drifting upon the beams of Moradeim, Lynyssa tells you, "How are you doing?"
    H:610/610 M:310/310 (eb pdb) [100|40.33] [Shovel]
    You tell Lynyssa yn'Chionnal, "I'm a prince."
    H:610/610 M:310/310 (eb pdb) [100|40.33] [Shovel]
    Drifting upon the beams of Aryana, Lynyssa tells you, "Are you drunk?"
    H:610/610 M:310/310 (eb pdb) [100|40.33] [Shovel]
    You tell Lynyssa yn'Chionnal, "Theere'ss no waY to know."
    H:610/610 M:310/310 (eb pdb) [100|40.33] [Shovel]
    Drifting upon the beams of Aryana, Lynyssa tells you, "You're drunk."
    H:610/610 M:310/310 (eb pdb) [100|40.33] [Shovel]
    You tell Lynyssa yn'Chionnal, "We can make assumptions anne obser *hic* vations for days."
    H:610/610 M:310/310 (eb pdb) [100|40.33] [Shovel]
    You fumble about drunkenly.
    H:610/610 M:310/310 (eb pdb) [100|40.33] [Shovel]
    You tell Lynyssa yn'Chionnal, "Buq the t *hic* ruth ish a mystery."
     You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."
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    (Market): You say, "Exchanging title tokens for funny jokes. And if you hand me a mirror, then you owe me a title token."
    A plain metal handmirror descends, resting on a golden disc of pure light.
    You are now holding a plain metal handmirror in your left hand.

    Shout out to whoever had a sense of humor, but you now you owe me a title token.
  • EoghanEoghan Posts: 682 mod
    It looks to me like it was placed in the room, and you assumed it was for you. No one owes you nothin'.
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  • WyllWyll Posts: 89 ✭✭✭
    @Eoghan, hey, a deal's a deal, even if its with a dirty dealer. And that's got mechanical devil hands all over it.
  • EoghanEoghan Posts: 682 mod
    You'll just have to get what you want from Leela.
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    18:08:24 You tell Sir Pellerin Keth'Aera, Stonebeard, "Go get your damn statue back."
    18:08:57 Kinsarmarian pride in his voice, Pellerin tells you, "Why?"
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    Your ally, Theophilus Aracelia, the Celestial, has entered Imperian.
    (Ring): You say, "I literally got up 5 minutes ago."
    (Ring): You say, "Checked cwho."
    (Ring): You say, "And said 'oh good theo isn't here'"
    (Ring): Theophilus says, ":'(."
    (Ring): You say, "'maybe I can bash dp at least once before he comes on'"
    (Ring): You say, "No offense to you."
    (Ring): You say, "D=."
    (Ring): Theophilus says, "I always let you have DP."
    (Ring): You say, "Ya but you wake up before me in the mronings."
    (Ring): You say, "So I try not to step on your toesies when you're already dere."
    (Ring): You say, "Oh and it's alvetta here."
    (Ring): You say, "Sdfjlkasjdfaksdhfhasfhasdfj."
    (Ring): Alvetta says, "All I can say is I hope you have a warhorn."
    (Ring): Theophilus says, "True. I went to church this morning because a friend was speaking."
    (Ring): You say, "Why'd I even wake up."
    (Ring): Swale says, "Just leave my dragon cows alone."
    (Ring): Alvetta says, "Cause I had the same thought before you woke."
    (Ring): You say, "Lol."
     You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."
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    (Ring): @Owyn says, "Raid Celidon for the lulz?"
    (Ring): You say, "Lmfao."
    (Ring): You say, "Can we?"
    (Ring): Owyn says, "We can find out!"
    (Ring): @Alvetta says, "I don't even know if it logistically possible."
    (Ring): Owyn says, "(That's what I meant when I said, 'We can find out.')"
    (Ring) You say, "Try to sound the wardrums."
    (Ring): Owyn says, "K."

    One by one the war drums of Kinsarmar begin to beat, their rhythmic percussion reverberating across the realm 
    to challenge Celidon.

    (Ring): Owyn says, "Yep."
    (Ring): Alvetta says, "Wtf?"
    (Ring): Alvetta says, "Who did that."
    (Ring): You say, "I thought you sanctioned it!"
    (Ring): Alvetta says, "No."
    (Ring): You say, "I swear to God I did."

    From my post concerning becoming Erege:

    I want to be clear that my knowledge, expertise, and affinity for combat will not be used for the sake of waging war at every opportunity. Rather, I would offer calculative advice to the General of Defense, Commander of War, other Ereges, and the Duchess for the sake of defending our home as well as striking offensively only when absolutely necessary. 

    Owyn is such a bad influence on me.

    To be clear, we didn't actually raid.
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    <3 @Theophilus -- Priceless.
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    Septus places eighteen corpses of a velvety black nighthawk butterfly, eleven corpses of a white 
    pearl butterfly, eleven corpses of an indigo nightfire butterfly, forty-one corpses of a red admiral 
    butterfly, nine corpses of a rainbow-winged butterfly, seven corpses of a glitterlight butterfly, 
    the corpse of an exquisite summerstorm butterfly, and two corpses of a golden emperor butterfly on 
    an altar of sanctity and chants a few words. The altar glows softly for a while and a blue fire 
    envelops it briefly, consuming the sacrifice.

    Septus is a monster
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    Butcher achievement here I come.
  • GjarrusGjarrus Posts: 251 ✭✭✭
    (Ring): Caelya says, "Dumb of me to think that was sage advice and not wordplay."
  • LartusLartus Posts: 279 ✭✭✭
  • SeptusSeptus Posts: 696 ✭✭✭✭

    Did someone say another artied templar?


  • TheophilusTheophilus Posts: 651 ✭✭✭✭
    The room is flooded with light and when it fades, a young well-dressed man remains.
    A young well-dressed man says, in Hanyou, "I will give you great power, do you wish to know of it?"

    Is that you, Theo?  B)
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    (Ring): You say, "What's the syntax to lie down on furniture?"

    (Ring): You say, "Lay down. whatever."

    Kinsarmar Crossroads.
    An unadorned bench of green marble sits here. Bellini Keth'Aera is here. She wields a banded shield faced with a weeping willow in her left hand and a brass knuckled longsword in her right. Sunkissed Sela Keth'Aera, The Garden Gnome is here, a blank look in her eyes. She wields a lunar shield in her left hand and a shining longsword in her right.
    You see exits leading north, east, south, west, and in.

    (Ring): Jhin says, "Lie on <x>."

    BAD COMMAND: lie on bench

    (Ring): Myrcella says, "Lay down? Lie down? Lay on? Lie on?"

    (Ring): You say, "I've tried literally all of those."

    (Ring): You say, "And like layon and lieon and just lay bed and so on."

    (Ring): Leighanna says, "Lie down on X."

    You lie down on a simple marble bench.
    You are afflicted with prone.

    You stand up from a simple marble bench.
    You have cured prone.

    (Ring): You say, "Oh snap."

    Bellini grins mischievously at you.

    (Ring): You say, "Y."

    (Ring): You say, "Ty."

    (Ring): Leighanna says, "Welcome."

    (Ring): You say, "I've been trying to like 5 days to figure it out. >.>."

    You clear your throat.

    You say, "Nice bench."

    You say, "A little hard."

    You say, "Think I'll go lie down at home."

    You nod sagely.

    Bellini grins mischievously at you.

    (Ring): Leighanna says, "I told you yesterday on clan after I tested it :(."

    Bellini Keth'Aera says to you, "See you later."

    You wave goodbye.
     You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."
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