Character Theme Songs

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I know I'm not the only one who does this. Post yours ~ 
 You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."


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    It should be obvious given the lyric ripoffs from that drunken RP log but I had Manowar in mind the moment I learned about the Berserker class. So let's listen to some fuckin' EPIC VIKING METAL.

    And Ithaqua's theme reminds me of the lyrics of this song. They choose the path where no one goes~!

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    Dyron said:
    -youtube link-
    This is so much better in Danish >.>

    Aodan tells you, "Yank me."
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    Aodan's would be theme song if everyone wasn't so damn prideful that they think they are too good to hire mercenaries. Never again will I be rogue for long >.<
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