What is the pettiest thing you've done in character?

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Credit to Shayde from Achaea for giving me the idea to start this thread here. So, title says it all folks, what's the pettiest thing you've done in character?

I'd start us off but I am ashamed I am too sweet of a summer child to have ever been truly petty.


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    I take it back.
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    I take it back.

    You put it back right this second!
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    I cleaved a guy...
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    Iniar said:
    I cleaved a guy...

    I said in character.
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    Issues aren't really IC but...

    A leader I (and multiple people) didn't like was having an episode about getting contested... Annoyed her enough to boot me and a friend mid-election... Kindly pointed out she shouldn't do that, and got re-invited... She had a bigger fit and did it again (followed by trying to kill me; ultimately failing)...

    Issued her for it; guess she got the hint, because she snubbed me then quit the city in about 15 seconds flat. I can be an **** sometimes... Most of my 'petty' stuff wasn't done in Imperian though, else I might have more stories.
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    Killed @Sapp for standing in Lucian's shop. Because Sapp.
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    Oh, also, there was once this guy who was a **** to one of my characters, so I made an alt and joined his guild and asked him for help and proceeded to type custom emotes emotes and prefaced says at him but roleplayed that my character was like s u p e r slow even though it was obvious I knew what I was doing. It took over an hour for him to give up and it was like... so satisfying. 

    Edit: She told him he couldn't read so I made him type out stuff that was in the scrolls. XD it was so kek. I'm dying just remembering it. 
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    The pettiest was probably my favorite actual RP moment. Failed guild coup by Krysaliss' son-in-law and daughter resulted in a guild trial and a sudden and violent (and surprising to me) guild execution. She still has a jar of their tongues that she kept as a reminder that Seki made and I eventually purchased as an artifact RP item. 

    There might be other stuff, but it's been a long ten years and I've forgotten more than I remember.

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    Oystir is the most passive-aggressive creature, apparently. Daaang.
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    I don't always win, but I never lose.
     You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."
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    One time Kelleti was absolutely sure she could take Necropolis by herself and the next room was that central room for the wraiths so I was all just like "...well, if youre sure."

    It went about how you'd expect.
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