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    Or, I don't know, the destruction and immigration of people from Antioch could evolve the storyline in Ithaqua and make it less isolationist. The lore has always been better in Ithaqua. Antioch has usually had the largest number of players, but that's not necessarily reflective of how enjoyable it has been to be a PART of Antioch, nor has it necessarily been good for the game. Antioch's lore has also not been well supported either by its population OR by the game's events (how many times has Antioch been screwed by the divine they supported? Also the Horde nonsense)

    Khandava is not the magic circle council any longer. The nature versus civilization conflict was basically murdered dead by the admin, ask the players in Celidon that tried to run with it and got consistently shut down before Celidon drifted completely into obscurity. 

    I mean, it's relatively pointless to discuss because they are going to off whatever orgs they feel like offing, probably based on relative activity at the time they decide to kill something else of, but hey.

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    The real issue for population is that once one has a few extra mechanical benefits, everyone drifts that direction. A few magnet players can make a big difference with regard to that. It wouldn't matter as much if we had the population or structure to support 2 orgs per faction, but you can't base the value to the game or enjoyment of the lore/atmosphere by the players of an org based on population alone. 
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    Krysaliss said:

    I mean, it's relatively pointless to discuss because they are going to off whatever orgs they feel like offing, probably based on relative activity at the time they decide to kill something else of, but hey.
    This came up in ingame ring ooc discussion, or rather I brought it up, and its something that didn't sit well with me.  You can have a whole body of work that people find interesting but for whatever reason interest wanes and BAM, gone forever and ever.  I don't neccesarialy think its a bad thing to let inactive orgs die, but I think my misgiving about this was put to words well earlier in this thread "it was the second fiddle in an event that should have been about it"  Moreover to feel like you have so little control over it makes people reticient to put their time and effort into creating something new for the game of their own.
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    I wouldn't be averse to both Antioch and Ithaqua being exploded and a new city/council/other formed in their stead. Antioch has no direction since the Gods exploded and firm circle lines got smudged quite a lot - i.e. we are definitely not "anti-magick" anymore, which was Antioch's whole deal back in the day. At least the Horde thing was some sort of RP stuff - e.g. we want power no matter what. I've griped about this heaps, and I can't speak for the other cities, but Antioch has no real personality anymore. From an RP perspective, I don't know what Antioch stands for, what the goals are, what ideals Antioch holds... Currently the goals and ideals seem to be "let's raid and stop other raiders from taking our things", which is really a bit boring for me.

    And I guess I could try to make my own goals and etc, but I really don't think that'd fly given the apathy of the general player-base.
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    What is this roleplay that you speak of?
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    Actually, I'll be honest - despite finding it weird and more than a little disappointing, it's also a little exciting. At the very least: it creates purpose.

    A perhaps impotent purpose whose success depends less upon quality roleplaying, writing, and IC skill and more upon Imperian's marketing strategy, but purpose none-the-less. At least that's my take on it. Was mostly just trying to wax nostalgic is all.
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    @Alitis was the first person who talked to my first character I'd made after several years off MUDs and 10 years off Imperian in specific.

    You were really mean. :(

     You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."
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    A little necromancy on my behalf but I have to say that I was very sad to see the demise of Stavenn on my return. There was an awful lot of history and memories attached to that city and it was ever the Nemesis for a large part of my active playing time.

    Khandava just doesn't conjure up that imagery for me in the same way, because I'll always still see it as a forestal council. 

    There was little more powerful than when I first started out than having someone like Jagara or Koh chasing me around Aetherius, knowing that I had absolutely no chance if he caught me. It's funny how that changes through the evolution of the years. 
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