R.I.P. Stavenn

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Date: 1/16/2017 at 20:57
From: Jeremy
To : Everyone
Subj: City Reduction

After much deliberation we have decided to retire Stavenn from the game.

It is hard to remove any large player orgs from the game world, as they all have a history and loyal player base that is going to be very disappointed.

Stavenn has been selected for a variety of reasons, the largest being the fact it has the lowest population and playtime of any of the cities.

As a game world, we need to group people together in order to increase community for existing players and add help for new players. Logging into an empty city in the middle of the day is not fun for anyone.

This will include dissolving the Noctusari and Diavolous guilds. We are going to change the Stavenn affiliated townes to an unaffiliated status, free from any player city or council control.

Gold and credits from the orgs will need to be removed by leaders and distributed as they see fit. City shop and house owners will have a week or so to get their items those locations.

We will be working on some code to refund shop and house owners for a portion of any addons they may have purchased. It will not be a full 100% refund.

We will be running an event this weekend, which will culminate in the destruction of Stavenn. The event will give players who are interested in helping, either with the destruction or fighting against it, a chance to do so. We will include events posts and honours for players that participate in that way.

We will be saving all news posts, rooms, and other data from the involved orgs in case they are needed in the future.

If you have any questions, please email at jeremy@ironrealms.com or message me in-game.

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Ferinus, in the year 125 AM.


Rest in peace, beloved Stavenn.

From the beginning, you were a hated child, the obnoxious one, the bully, the enemy. You had the coolest skills, the craziest men, the meanest of roles played. You took nothing lying down and you bred generation after generation of fighters, both skilful and hapless. It would be remiss of us to debate their contribution based on their likability, for what is a good guy with no enemy? What is a hero with no foe? Boring, is what.

I adored you, oh Stavenn. You who forged much of the early world against the slavering fools of the desert. You who stood for the empowerment of the individual, at whatever cost. You who decided that bickering and politicking was an unnecessary detractor to greatness, merely the wasting of the time of all involved; you stood up and said, there is but ONE RULE and that is MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. Is this not true to this day?

I lament you, my beloved Stavenn. For what the price of peace? For what the price of agreeability? Age tore away at your strength, but criticism tore away your will. For a century or more, the Imperial Parade was bulwarked with walls and unseeing defenders, guarding your spirit that had died long ago.

And here we are, the end of a journey, the arrival at the destination. Diseased from birth, you played a role no one else could. You played it for as long as you could, as hard as you could and no other player in the game has fulfilled their promise with such verve and elegance. Know that while long though the corruption of peace, equality and justice had metastasised into the very marrow of your bones, those of us who first called you home still carry you in our hearts, though our bodies have long left your bloodied halls.

Rest in peace, beloved Stavenn.

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    Stavenn, the Empire, the Republic, birthplace of my fiery shenanigans and unscrupulous banditry. You will be missed.
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    I started in Stavenn, and even though I would make alts in different cities on occasion, I always came back to it.

    Definitely going to miss it.
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    I have not been apart of this community for long, but I know what Stavenn players are going through in what I dealt with in the closing of MKO. If any of you want to reach out to talk, I am here. After spending more money than I ever imagined on a world full of unique interests and fun. It is often hard to come to terms with your character in many ways losing meaning.

    All I can say is....at least you get to keep those characters. That is one thing I wish I never had to give up when I came to Imperian from MKO. Always a brighter side of the coin, despite what the signs may be telling you.
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    Message #1 Sent By: Raini Received On: 8/07/2011/3:25

    "-shrugs- I suppose not, just message me what you want and mail me the comms."

    Has it really been that long, Sar-sargoth Stavenn?
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    > @Eldreth said:
    > RIP Stavenn.
    > Eldreth Iolar, Former Imperator and Stavenn's finest-dressed aristocrat.

    Blousery, noun, describing or pertaining to the dressing of persons known as blouses. Attr. Eldreth Iolar, circa 14 AM.
    wit beyond measure is a Sidhe's greatest treasure
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    R.I.P. Stavenn

    Juran existed for a RL decade to thwart you, until joining you very late in my life to get you all five obelisks for shard research. You were always a great villian, and as the more thematically appropriate choice you deserved better.
  • DruuDruu The GardenPosts: 31 ✭✭
    Well stated, @Iniar. Though it's obviously sad to get rid of such a long standing organization, I hope everyone takes solace in the fact that we will be giving it a proper, grand send off. I personally feel honored to be a volunteer during such an interesting time in the game's history.

    Stavenn produced a lot of interesting moments in Imperian's history. Anyone wanna share any cool stories?
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    When I made my first character, Epistar, he was a wee little Summoner. Isadarr announced on CT that she wanted to see blood in the streets, and she offered a city favour to two individuals of CR1 for dueling at the gates. I was one of the ones accepted. I remember fighting this other lowbie, heart pounding, with Zenigra sending me tells about how to kill him. And I won. It was glorious. This was probably 7-8 years ago.

    My second city favour came when, during a city meeting, I said something to the effect of, "Servitors do not deserve rights." Dregaur gave me a city favour for "Having wisssdom beyond hisss years."

    Oh, and there was that one time when, on another character, I made Stavenn a Republic--which probably set in motion its demise. RIP.

    "Even the glory of Rome had to come to an end."
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    I started as a Stavennite summoner. 2 RL hours after I began, I was dragged into a shardfall by the then-Demonic PK train consisting of Ahkan, Khizan, Iniar, etc. I was hooked. Thus began an age of fire and blood.
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    RIP Stavenn.

    You were given the short end of the stick from day one. You were always stuck in this awkward position where your RP and background should have attracted a higher class of villain, but your event roles and general theme only really managed to attract Evil Edgelords. You should have started with Demon Lords, playing politics with their Court to gain power in the material world. You should have started with thematically reskinned abilities that spoke of demonic taints and domination. You should have been Demonic Rome. Instead, you got to be Mhaldor Jr, with a generically evil pantheon and standard-issue Necromancy.

    And on top of that, you always got screwed in events, too. Imperian was designed around the three faction system from the very start, around the idea that there are no good guys in the world and everybody has the potential to be a villain. Somehow, that never came to be. Somehow, they always overlooked the potential of over-ambitious mages with their unreliable magical arts and Antioch's mindless zealotry and settled for "Demons did it!".

    You never had the easy option, the good option. You never got to be the hero. You never got the choice to oppose the senseless schemes of other factions. You never got the easy RP of "My enemies are doing bad things and I need to oppose it". The world never faced endless waves of flame elementals chanting RETH RETH RETH, or angelic hordes seeking to end magick on this world. Nope. Demons or undead. Even the Horde resorted to demons and undead when they wanted to get their evil on.

    And that last bit is the worst of it, really. For all that they treated you as the Big Bad Villain of the series, they rarely ever let you get any serious villainy on. They'd fill the world with aggro demons and not even let you side with them. It was the worst of both worlds. You always looked like the villain and you were always treated as the villain, but you rarely ever got to the chance to actually be the villain. Some crazy orc bastard would unleash demons on the world and you'd get blamed for it. All the pain and none of the gain. None of the crime and all of the time. Some random orc would get promoted to main villain every week and you'd get stuck dealing with the mess he left behind.

    You deserved better but never got it. In the end, though, you died as you lived: an afterthought in an event you should have been the star of.
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    Would love to see logs, if anyone wants to share them. I was present up until the point where everyone really started to fight over the intersection in the Ravana Gorge, but had to leave.

    EDIT: Also, thanks so much to the admin for leaving behind a ruin. I'll never forgive Achaea for just dumping Shallam into the ocean and never even giving us so much as an underwater exit down.
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    You know, when I offered to give my notes to the admin no doubt trying to tie things together but having a lot of stuff to try to look over, I didn't expect them to actually excerpt the prose I'd put together and included with that as part of the body of notes in the Event post, but that was kind of cool. My system is non-existent because I just assembled this new computer on Friday and still have to re-install everything, so I decided a way to still kind of participate was playing detective with the lore behind it. I guess that came in helpful, and I'm glad it did!

    I'll probably have a book with the full details with prose like that at some point available. I have no idea even who to lob books to get them in anyone's library but my own though.

    I feel kind of sad now, because Ihsan played his role well and I liked his little bits of RP I saw in that event, but who knows if that's someone we'll see again now. Goes for a lot of the Stavenn crowd sadly. I imagine most of them will just alt.
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    @Ihsan has always been an amazing RPer, and especially in the context of Stavenn. He inspires me for sure.
  • SumieSumie Posts: 46 ✭✭✭
    It seems fairly silly that both guilds were destroyed, taking away 2 out of 3 of demonic's guilds.
  • Jeremy SaundersJeremy Saunders Posts: 1,136 admin
    We are open to reopening one of the guilds or making a new one to locate in Khandava.

  • Jeremy SaundersJeremy Saunders Posts: 1,136 admin
    On the

    @Ihsan has always been an amazing RPer, and especially in the context of Stavenn. He inspires me for sure.

    I liked what @Ihasan did in the event as well.

    @Anette sent me an entire essay from her journal detailing her experience, which was pretty nice.

  • DrasDras Posts: 1
    Leading both Stavenn and the Diavlous were the highlights of my playing experience. I don't think I'll be coming back any time soon but it could be fun playing the "Where is my Empire!!???" line.
  • KillyonKillyon Posts: 13
    The Limorasi arc, despite how much so many didn't like it, was the highlight of many years of playing IRE. I will always always be connected to @Kanthari in this way. 

    I have always been connected to Stavenn, even from my first character, a Kinsarmarian. I know this is super later, I'm rarely around the forums and never IG...but damn...
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