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I have a had a couple emails and messages asking if it is possible that Imperian could close.

No. Barring IRE closing, Imperian will never shut down.

MKO was vastly different. We paid an enormous annual license fee to use the Midkemia IP. The game was never as successful as the original IRE games. Imperian is our own IP. It has no license fee. If any IRE games dropped to zero population, we would move the game to one of the other game servers and run it for zero cost.



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    What would happen to staffing at that point? And things like shard updates? And classleads?

    The way I am reading it right now is "this is what I both hoped and was afraid of".

    It means that even if things got pretty dark, but there is still legitimate hope of turning them around, we get the chance to do that. But it also means we are absolutely stuck here no matter what - i.e. even if the game got to a point where it is well and truly dead in every sense but the ability to log on to a server, and even the lingering players would never get that 100% retirement option.
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    Haha. Sorry. I am actually pretty optimistic about where we might be able to go now. But I like to think about all of the things that could happen!

    EDIT: I did not send any of those e-mails, for the record.
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    Speaking of IP, I sent you an email, @Jeremy.
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    I know how to stop this chicken little effect.


    edit: Yes i have the mind/personality of a 15 year old, what of it?
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    Dammit, Dimitri, this game isn't going to croak.

    EDIT: don't make me say I toad you so.
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    threads like this make me hopping mad.
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    Why doesn't anyone tell me the rumours? :(
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