Colored Critical Hits and Kills Needed To Level

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Hello there again! Due to the positive feedback from the last thing I posted in Scripting, I decided to post these little triggers too. Like before, they are in .mpackage files on my Dropbox, and can be installed using the Package Manager in Mudlet. The Colored Critical Hits is rather simple, I liked having them as cyan because they're bright and stand out, and I also like knowing exactly how big the multiplier was on the critical hit, rather than having to remember myself from the helpfile for crits. The Kills Needed To Level one is a little something I'm more proud of, as it was the first time I ever used mudlet to remove commas from a number and also the first time I used the math.ceil function in mudlet to round a number. Essentially, based on the last kill you made, it tells you how many more of that mob you need to kill to level, as long as the mob gives the same amount of experience. This is all simple stuff really, but if someone new or not used to using mudlet can find some enjoyment out of them, then that's all that matters.

You can see both in action in the same screenshot below.



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    I would personally hate to see how many more kills I need, it might be too depressing :(

    but I still like your work.
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    Overall Level: 154 (84.79%)

    The final blow is too much, you have slain a rickety skeleton.
    You gain 30,570 (bash) experience. You need 471,479,760 more for level 155.

    The final blow is too much, you have slain a macabre wight.
    You gain 58,460 (bash) experience. You need 471,421,300 more for level 155.

    :( :( :(
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    Only ~8000-ish more kills Shou, you can do it!
  • DreacorDreacor Member Posts: 112 ✭✭✭
    Suralina said:
    Only ~8000-ish more kills Shou, you can do it!
    So, I assume that Shou is somewhere around ~97% of the level. That overall level is simply amazing.
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