The Republic of Stavenn

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Date: 5/16/2015 at 21:51
From: Imperator Theophilus Aracelia, The Omega
To  : Everyone
Subj: The Republic of Stavenn

Citizens of Stavenn,

This is perhaps the most important post I have written to date, and I urge you to pay close attention to what 
I have to say.

Since the founding of the city of Stavenn, we have been considered the Stavennite Empire. Since time 
immemorable we have existed as the supreme authority of Aetherius, ruling the realm through our prowess in the 
arts of combat and forcing those who disagree with our ideologies to kneel before us like the cowards they are 
under our wrath. We have spread flame throughout and spilt blood upon the grounds of this world and we have 
shown no mercy toward those who dare oppose us. Do not think for one second that what I am about to propose is 
going to change any of that. We were founded upon the principles of war by the prophetess Kalika Aisling under 
the guidance of the former Lord Aesir, God of War, and we will always be a city of war no matter how many 
choose to march into battle alongside us.

Today, however, I propose a period of transition for the city of Stavenn. I propose that we move from being 
considered the Stavennite Empire to the Republic of Stavenn. Those of you who have existed in the realms since 
the founding of the Stavennite Empire are in all likelihood appalled by my proposal while others see this as a 
welcome change. I would, however, like an opportunity to explain my reasoning for this modernization before 
you jump to conclusions or assumptions.

Let me begin by saying that the current Ephorate would like to see this change occur (barring one), as would 
Esmyrsia, our Demon Empress. Should Stavenn become a Republic, the power will shift from the hands of a few 
and instead move into the hands of all. Each citizen will have much more of a voice in political matters with 
your Council representing you and speaking on your behalf. The current Imperator will then make decisions on 
behalf of the Council, following their will. I am -not- proposing that we become a democratic republic, 
meaning that citizens receive a vote on matters democratically with the Council members voting according to 
the popular political opinion. Rather, I am proposing that the Council have equal power to the Imperator while 
only taking into consideration the opinions of the greater populace in making decisions. In times past, the 
Imperator and the Council acted with sovereignity despite what the greater populace thought. I believe this 
needs to change as we are all elite citizens even if we have varying degrees of rank.
The changes to the structure of Stavenn will consist of the following:
-The Ephorate will be renamed "the Imperium."
-Each member of the Imperium, or High Council of Stavenn, will be called a "Senator."
-Each Senator will be the governor of a towne with the appoinments made by the Imperator.
-Each member who has achieved the rank of Nobility will be permitted one vote along with each Senator on 
matters of importance.
-Any citizen who is not a noble will never be demanded to do anything by one of a higher rank, be it shining 
boots or cleaning horses. The time of dictation is over. The horde and the like are our servants from here on 
out, not our own citizens. If a Stavennite citizen of lower rank is "requested" to do something, they should 
do so out of respect and not fear.
-In occurences of a citizen breaking the law or disrespecting one of higher rank, the offended may not slay or 
attack the offendor like the savages of the North. The offendor will be brought before the Imperium or 
-The leader of Stavenn will be elected by the people rather than appointed by the Imperium, just as Senators 
are elected.
-As time goes on, further changes may be made to strengthen the State of the Republic.
I understand that the people may wish to replace me as Imperator after a proposal of such drastic proportions. 
If this is the case, I am fine with it. I have done much for Stavenn and I have served the city loyally. I 
have many more plans for the city whether or not the referedum to make this transition passes, begining with 
increasing the infrastructure of the city. Reconstructing our townes is also a project which will take place 
alongside expansion into the Modin and the Ravana. I hope thay you continue to put your trust in me to lead 
you well and with loyalty, and I assure you I will always give my best effort to serve each one of you with 
fairness and consistency. Please vote your conscience in the upcoming referendum. Should the referendum pass, 
there will then be polls to vote on changing the names of the appropriate positions. Finally, the divine will 
officially declare us the Republic of Stavenn.

-In perpetual service,
Imperator Theophilus Aracelia.
Penned by my hand on the 10th of Halitus, in the year 76 AM.
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  • MereisMereis Member Posts: 100 ✭✭✭
    This will end the way of the Romans or the (First) French.

    Either way, much excite! :D
  • TheophilusTheophilus Member Posts: 744 ✭✭✭✭
    Mereis said:
    This will end the way of the Romans or the (First) French.

    Either way, much excite! :D
    I thought Rome went from Empire to Republic? Or did they go back to Republic before the fall?

    Everyone seems excited to be like the Sith Republic.
    (Ring): Lartus says, "I heard Theophilus once threw a grenade and killed ten people."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "Then it exploded."
  • IniarIniar AustraliaMember Posts: 3,213 ✭✭✭✭✭
    You mean the Zith Republic.

    wit beyond measure is a Sidhe's greatest treasure
  • TheophilusTheophilus Member Posts: 744 ✭✭✭✭
    You mean Theopolis.

    Or Theophilusopolis.
    (Ring): Lartus says, "I heard Theophilus once threw a grenade and killed ten people."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "Then it exploded."
  • MereisMereis Member Posts: 100 ✭✭✭
    Mereis said:
    This will end the way of the Romans or the (First) French.

    Either way, much excite! :D
    I thought Rome went from Empire to Republic? Or did they go back to Republic before the fall?

    Everyone seems excited to be like the Sith Republic.
    They were the Kingdom, then the Republic, then the Empire.
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    **********************************[ Stavenn ]**********************************
    Member Name         City Rank           Positions           Profession         
    Elokia              Entity
    Theophilus          Patrician           Imperator           Summoner
    Zenigra             Patrician           Ephor               Summoner
    Ihsan               Consul                                  Deathknight
    Kliko               Quaestor            Imperial Chancellor Diabolist

    Even Elokia joined!
    (Ring): Lartus says, "I heard Theophilus once threw a grenade and killed ten people."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "Then it exploded."
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    Double post since it's relevant.

    Theophilus motions toward an ebony glass-topped table and says, "Please, sit, if you wish."

    You take a seat at an ebony glass-topped table.

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says to you, "In my slumber, I lost my collection of houses, or I would 
    have invited you to one of them."

    Ario nods his head.

    You say to Ario, "The Chancellor informed me of such. I am sorry they were repossessed."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "It is fine. They were not being used."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "I am still seeking a place of power to establish the House of the 
    Nessaja, and my home in Kragge remains intact, so I am not homeless as of yet."

    Ario looks thoughtfully at a House token's profile, pondering the situation.
    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "Anyhow.."

    Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

    Theophilus taps an ebony glass-topped table lightly and says, "Won't you sit here?"

    Ario takes a seat next to you at an ebony glass-topped table.

    His mouth turning downward into a frown, Theophilus says, "Usually I offer my guests drinks, 
    but I am afraid my cups decayed as I rarely entertain these days."
    Theophilus peers across the balcony into the courtyard below and says, "When other guests 
    arrive to speak, I will be sure to have something ready."

    Theophilus shifts his glance back to Ario and says, "The Republic of Stavenn. I am assuming 
    that you being a Nessaja, this does not sit well with you. It did not with Lord Ihsan nor Lady Lixan."

    Ario admires the view, while plucking a few stray feathers from his cloak, he responds, "To resume, the 
    Nessaja are a merchant house originally, and their Nobility within the Empire is something that came later in 
    the bloodline. While I appreciate the history of the Empire, I have always felt the need for us, as a culture, 
    to evolve beyond the trappings of yesteryear."

    You say to Ario, "I agree wholeheartedly with your last statement. Progress is necessary. To remain stagnant 
    is to wither and die, don't you agree?"

    You secure your previously wielded item and instantly draw a personal journal into your left hand.

    Theophilus places a personal journal delicately upon an ebony glass-topped table and opens it.
    Theophilus begins to write for a moment before setting aside his quill and glancing back at you, saying, "And 
    what do you think of the referendum to become a Republic, Lord Ario?"

    Theophilus smirks and continues, "And I do hope that my status as Imperator will not cause 
    you to hold anything back. I want your sincere opinion."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "I am not active enough to vote, nor am I active enough to cause 
    trouble for the referendum, so I have no choice but to be honest with you on this - perhaps more honest than 
    most. I have nothing to bet on here, it seems."

    A slight smile graces his lips and Theophilus peers at you with fully-dilated pupils, your 
    reflection swirling within them, as he awaits continuance.

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says to you, "I have always held the opinion that, outside of earlier 
    actions in Imperial History, we have not exhibited the traditional trappings of an Empire. We have held the 
    title because it suited us, but we are no longer anything similar to the Empire that held the townes of 
    Khandava, or who lorded over the lands of Antioch, or even that which dominated Kinsarmar during Lord Ihsan's 
    tenure as Imperator."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "We are not even the same Stavenn as that which entered this new Age."

    Theophilus nods slowly and scribbles in a personal journal as you speak. He says as he writes,
    "I agree, which is partially my reasoning for the transition. To quote another, 'We are a shadow of our 
    former selves.'"

    Ario brushes the dust off a deceptive cloak of ghosts.

    Glancing across the balcony at the treeline below, Theophilus remarks quietly, "Truth does 
    not always come in the form of flattery, I am afraid. A good thing, perhaps. Regardless, we are indeed no 
    longer a true Empire. We do not claim dominance over Aetherius as we used to."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "Do we need to?"

    Theophilus smiles in amusement and says, "I am not sure that we do at this point. I would 
    rather conquer ourselves internally first. We have much improvement to do within the city, and conquering the 
    rest of Aetherius is simply a distraction."

    Ario raises an eyebrow at the Imperator as he leans forward in his seat, "If we are a shadow of former selves, 
    does that not lend us strength instead of weakness? A shadow can grow within, as well as without."

    Theophilus ponders for a moment and responds, "I suppose you are correct, Lord Ario. We are 
    more than combatants seeking to spread flame and spill blood. We are merchants, artisans, ritualists and 
    scholars, among many other things. I have always said that."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says to you, "In your post, you are asking the older citizens to revoke 
    their higher status in favor of a collected respect for Stavenn's citizens."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "Well, to clarify my statement, you are asking the leaders of Stavenn 
    to lead from respect rather than fear."

    "All citizens are elite in my mind. Some more elite than others, but we are all of a high status 
    compared to say, the muamrite slaves we have conquered or the horde we slay. Some have just proven their worth 
    more than others and with those ranks come reward. For example, nobility receive two votes as opposed to one 
    if their is a vote to be had. I have not worked out which each rank's privileges will consist of yet, but I 
    will in due time."

    Theophilus nods and responds, "I am indeed asking that. I find that respect from fear rather 
    than respect from loyalty is detrimental in the long term."

    Pondering, you say, "I have heard in the past that Imperators were respected from fear, but highly disliked, 
    as were some nobles. I wish for that to end and I also hope to prevent it in the future."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says to you, "Old Stavenn was a place where your might made right. It was a 
    civilization where Lord Ihsan thrived, as did many others."

    You say to Ario, "What do you think of the idea? That we become an aristocracy, all citizens elite, though 
    some having more privileges than others? Plebians do not need to shine my boots as I have the horde to do that.
    Plebians should have the right to request a muamrite slave from the desert to shine their boots just as I 

    You say to Ario, "Indeed, you are correct. If that were the case now, I would not be Imperator. I have some 
    degree of might on the field of battle, but I am not in the top combatants. I die often, and usually first. I 
    do have political savvy and the respect of the people as I am a quite amicable person. A strange 
    characteristic for an Imperator, amicability, but as you stated, we are in a new age."

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "I believe that if we foster the idea that our citizenry is the pride 
    of the realm then we will produce citizens that are the pride of the realm. This will take a unified effort 
    from the leadership, as well as the guilds, to invoke this within our citizens."

    Nodding in agreement, Theophilus intones, "Yes, yes. I do agree. And -then- we may again 
    conquer the realms, when it is time and the necessity is there. Until then, I would like to improve our 
    infrastructure, both of the city and the townes. That is hard to do when you are warring with the rest of the 
    realm, even if we were capable at this point."

    You have emoted: Scribbling in his journal, Theophilus murmurs something inaudible before closing it with a 
    sharp snap. "I am afraid I must end the meeting, unless you have anything more pressing. I must say, however, 
    I am surprised to have your support rather than your reprimand."
    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "Why is that, Imperator?"

    Ario stands up from an ebony glass-topped table.

    Theophilus scratches his chin and says, "Well, you always struck me as the type to hold to 
    the old ways, and to seek to conquer over all else. Furthermore, you are a Nessaja, and Lord Ihsan is the only 
    other one I know."

    You stand up from an ebony glass-topped table.

    You cease wielding a personal journal in your left hand.

    You give Ario a firm handshake.

    You say to Ario, "It has been a pleasure speaking with you. I believe this is the first conversation of 
    substance we have had and I do hope you wake more often."

    ----moving to the nobility area for crackers with pate and then the bar for a shot.

    Motioning at Filand, the Bartender, Theophilus says, "Tequila. Two."

    You pay 70 sovereigns and receive two tequila shots.

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "Ah, drinks."

    You give a tequila shot to Ario.

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says, "It has been too long."
    You give a cracker slathered with pate to Ario.

    Ario ponders the situation.

    You secure your previously wielded items and instantly draw a cracker slathered with pate into your left hand, 
    with a tequila shot flowing into your right hand.

    Lord Ario Nessaja, the Gravewalker says to you, "What shall we toast?"

    Raising a tequila shot in the air, Theophilus says loudly, "To the new Age. To the Republic 
    of Stavenn!"

    You raise your drink to Ario and give him a lively "Cheers!"

    Ario raises his drink in unison, before downing it in a quick gulp.

    You tilt your head back and slam the tequila, squinting your eyes as it burns its way down your throat.

    You eat a cracker slathered with pate with gusto.

    Ario eats a cracker slathered with pate with obvious gusto.

    Theophilus wipes the crumbs of a cracker slathered with pate off of the robes of the 
    Imperator and says, "The perks of being a noble."

    Ario smiles wryly, a look of amusement passing over his features.

    You smile impishly and say, "Republic or not, Nobles will always get the crackers."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "I heard Theophilus once threw a grenade and killed ten people."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "Then it exploded."
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    ** Summary for (Stavenn) Referendum #29724 *****************************
    Title:                        (Already voted) (Days until close: 75)
       Minister Positions

       This referendum is to help decide the best method for renaming
       the Ministerial Positions.

         1.  <Title> de Republica
         2.  <Title> of the Republic
         4.  Alliteration - (.e.g) Magister Magnus for Imperial Educator
         5.  Republican <Title>

    Any suggestions from the outside world? I went with Choice #2 personally.
    In my opinion, general should become Praetor of the Republic; Educator, Magister of the Republic; Registrar, Registrar of the Republic, etc.

    Some of the Latin names may get confusing, though, so I'm trying to keep that in mind. 
    (Ring): Lartus says, "I heard Theophilus once threw a grenade and killed ten people."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "Then it exploded."
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