Unity Ritual for the city of Stavenn

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Thank you very much to everyone that was able to attend, it really means a lot to me that you all attended (Especially you Ahkan).  I had a lot of fun (and agony)  working on this and presenting it to everyone.  Next up: Ritual of Knowledge.

You say, "Well, it does look like this is all and we can begin."

You say, "I am honored by each one of you that has taken the time to attend this ritual. Times have 
begun to change the guilds of Aetherius and it is my duty as the Singularity to forge a new path for
our guild. This is the first of many rituals that you will see from the Brothers and Sisters of the 
Noctusari. Celosyi recently granted me a vision and in that vision I saw myself leading a glorious 
revival of the Noctusari which began with a ritual of great importance. She declared that I am the 
keeper of the past, the protector of the future, and that I will not allow Stavenn to sit idly by 
while the rest of the world continues to adapt."

You take a pathfinder bowl from a wyvernskin pack.

Walking confidently to the center of the ritual area, Ellarynth takes in her 
surroundings to ensure the site has been properly prepared and any obstacles removed. Finding that 
this is so, she begins to focus on creating the pentagram. Taking a pathfinder bowl in hand she 
meticulously begins to fill it with a vibrant blue pigment. Dipping her fingers into the bowl and 
saturating the tips of them with ink she painstakingly begins to create something which would appear
as art as much as magic to the uninitiated. As more and more ink is put to task, points and vertices
take shape. Light perspiration begins to bead upon her forehead due to ensuring this ritual is 
perfectly staged. As the the last lines are sealed, a palpable sense of oneness combines with your 
soul. Resuming her place within the center of the pentagram, Ellarynth takes a final glance at her 
work before resting her eyes upon those assembled before her.

You say, "Each newly initiated Noctusari is taught from the very beginning the doctrine of the Four 
Pillars. They form the foundation that holds our guild together and lends us the strength and 
guidance necessary to forge our path into the future. Each one is independently and collectively 
important to the integrity of what it holds up. The Brethren. Brothers and Sisters not in blood, but
in our ideals and our love for each other and our guild. Unity, Knowledge, Power, and Right."

Gazing around at everyone gathered, Ellarynth takes a moment to commit each face 
into memory before kneeling down in the center of the scrawled pentagram. She declares aloud, "I 
purposefully use blue in this ritual of Unity. In the hope that it invites harmony, truth and 
guidance to myself and all those present."

You drop a blue candle.

Ellarynth lights the candle with a wave of her hand.

You say, "I need no more, yet no less then five consenting individuals to come forward and each of 
you to kneel at a separate point of the pentagram. Each of you will be making an offering of your 
blood that will assist in the Unity of us all. I have prepared binding ribbons for each of you to 
control the bleeding once you are finished."

Raya Dios says to you, "Direct me to which point you wish me to kneel at, Lady Ellarynth."

You take a charred wooden bowl from a wyvernskin pack.

You say, "Any open one will suffice."
Theophilus nods his head once before stepping forward with slight eagerness. He comes to rest upon 
one of the unoccupied points of the pentagram before him and turns to face his accompaniment before 

Olorina steps forward eagerly, kneeling in an open spot.

Raya steps forward towards the pentagram. She walks around to the opposite side, kneeling down at 
the point farthest away from everyone present.

Sadey shrugs and steps forward, kneeling down in another open spot.

You say, "One more."

Shoulders squaring a measure, Audric intones in a low, melodic cadence to you, "If none other 
desire, I can take the last."

You nod your acknowledgement of Audric.

Theophilus lifts his head to peer at Audric, his eyes demonstrating intrigue as he shifts slightly 
to one side.
Circling around the pentagram, Audric kneels at the last unoccupied point, sanguine amber eyes 
observing the proceedings with some interest.

Arising from her spot at the center of the pentagram Ellarynth carefully walks over
to stand in front of Olorina. She gazes down upon her before reaching down and placing a gentle hand
atop her head. After a brief moment Ellarynth withdraws her touch and carefully lowers herself to 
face Olorina, their knees only inches from each other.

You give a silver ritual dagger to Olorina.

Humbly lowering her gaze, Ellarynth holds a charred wooden bowl in the space 
between Olorina and her.

Spinning the dagger in her hand, Olorina presses the blade against her wrist, casting her eyes 
across those gathered before drawing the blade swiftly over her skin. Extending her arm, her wrist 
directly over the bowl, her blood flows freely, running in thick rivulets across her skin and into 
the bowl.

Olorina gives a silver ritual dagger to you.

You give a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton to Olorina.

Olorina puts on a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton.

With great care, so that she does not spill any of the bowl's contents, Ellarynth 
stands from the point before Olorina and moves to stand before Audric. She gazes down upon him 
before reaching down and placing a gentle hand upon his cheek. After a brief moment Ellarynth 
withdraws her touch and carefully lowers herself to face Audric.

You give a silver ritual dagger to Audric.

With humility, Ellarynth lowers her gaze and holds a charred wooden bowl in the 
space before her.

While his features indicate a bemusement with the touch to his cheek, Audric takes hold of the 
dagger by the hilt, using the tip of the blade to open a vein in his arm. He squeezes his hand into 
a fist as his forearm comes to rest over the outstretched bowl, blood trickling therein before he 
turns the blade about to hand it back to you hilt-first.

Ellarynth reaches out and grasps the dagger's hilt.

Audric gives a silver ritual dagger to you.

You give a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton to Audric.
With a practiced motion, Audric binds the ribbon of white cotton around his forearm, ducking to use 
his teeth to draw the knot tight.

Standing from the point before Audric, Ellarynth briefly gazes at the contents of 
the bowl before moving to the place before Raya. Gazing down upon the top of her head, a brief smile
dances across her lips. Her face resumes its stoic expression as she carefully lowers herself to 
face Raya.

You give a silver ritual dagger to Raya.

Lowering her gaze, Ellarynth holds a charred wooden bowl in the space between Raya 
and her.

Raya nods her head before wielding the dagger in her right hand. Placing her left hand over the 
wooden bowl, she draws the dagger across her palm as large droplets of blood form in her grasp. Her 
eyes make contact with Ellarynth's as she smiles, turning her left hand upside down, the drops of 
blood form a stream into the bowl.
Raya gives a silver ritual dagger to you.

You give a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton to Raya.

Raya wraps the ribbon around her hand, using her teeth to finish tying the knot.

Raya puts on a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton.

With a nod of acceptance Ellarynth carefully stands from the point before Raya. She
takes a moment to glance around her at those in attendance before moving in front of Theophilus. 
Reaching down she places her index finger under his chin and raises his gaze to meet hers. A flicker
of blue dances across her eyes before they settle into their usual grey hue. Releasing the hold upon
his chin, Ellarynth carefully lowers herself to the ground.

You give a silver ritual dagger to Theophilus.

Holding a charred wooden bowl before her, Ellarynth lowers her gaze as she 
patiently awaits the intended offering.
Taking a silver ritual dagger in his hand, Theophilus glances past you and up at Esmyrsia as he 
places the tip of the blade to his wrist. The flame of the nearby candle flickers in his eyes as he 
draws the blade across his flesh in a lithe motion, his stare unbroken as his pupils constrict just 
slightly. He lifts his hand over a charred wood bowl to allow a mere three droplets of blood to fall
into the vessel, the hue of the offering a touch lighter than the rest of its contents.

Theophilus gives a silver ritual dagger to you.

You give a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton to Theophilus.

Ensuring that no blood from the offering is lost, Ellarynth stands and continues on
to the final point of the pentagram and lowers herself down to eye level with Sadey.

Theophilus puts on a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton.

You give a silver ritual dagger to Sadey.

Reaching out towards Sadey with her extended fingertips, Ellarynth lightly grazes 
her forearm and then extends a charred wooden bowl between Sadey and her.

Sadey holds the dagger in her right hand, placing the blade against her left arm and swiftly slices 
through the skin, holding her arm above the bowl, letting the blood drip into it before handing the 
dagger back.

Sadey gives a silver ritual dagger to you.

You give a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton to Sadey.

Loudly exhaling the breathe within that has been held for far too long, Ellarynth 
stands from the final point and resumes her position in the center of the pentagram next to the lit 
candle. Kneeling down she places a charred wooden bowl at her feet.

Sadey puts on a ritual binding ribbon of white cotton.

Holding her left arm out in front of her with the palm facing towards the heavens, 
Ellarynth glances down at her pale, flawless skin. Without a moments hesitation she clenches her 
hand into a tight fist and draws the blade of the ritual dagger up the length of her forearm. A 
thick stream of blood erupts from her now marred flesh as she quickly moves to hold her dripping 
fingers over the wooden bowl. With a great fascination seen within her grey eyes, Ellarynth stands 
mesmerized while she watches the thick stream of her blood flow off her fingertips. After enough of 
the metallic liquid has been collected to finish filling the bowl at her feet she snaps back into 
focus and swiftly wraps her forearm with the last ritual binding ribbon.

Bending down Ellarynth picks the charred wooden bowl off the ground and slowly 
swirls the contents together. As she watches the different life forces willingly combine she chants 
loudly "Agus koranah khendrel. Oh'tarkh!"

Gesturing to those kneeling around the pentagram with a sweeping motion of her 
upturned hand, Ellarynth makes the request for them to arise.
Theophilus peers at you with intrigue as he rises gracefully, maintaing his position at a point of 
the pentagram.

At the gesture from you, Audric rises once more to his feet, sanguine eyes glancing over the 

Raya places her hands upon her knees before rising slowly to her feet.

Olorina rises, keeping her place on the pentagram.

Sadey stands up slowly, not leaving her spot.

Dipping her fingers in the combined lifeblood of the participants, Ellarynth raises
her hand in front of Olorina and slowly drags two fingers from forehead to chin upon her face.

Coming to stand before Raya, fingers dripping with blood, Ellarynth wipes her hand 
from right to left across her face.

Ellarynth gracefully steps around those assembled as she moves up to Kabaal, 
swirling the collected blood with her fingers. Withdrawing her hand from the bowl, she gently places
blood-covered fingertips upon his face.

Resuming her path around the pentagram, Ellarynth comes to rest standing in front 
of Audric. Pale elegant fingers are dipped into the swirling blood offering and then flicked upon 
Audric, splattering the blood of the Dark Arts upon his face.

Having walked up to Selthis, Ellarynth stares directly into his eyes. After a 
moment, her bloody touch leaves him temporarily in darkness and weeping tears of crimson.

Once more through the assembled participants, Ellarynth stands before Ahkan. Hand 
dripping, she makes two quick swipes upon either cheek of his.

The scent of blood and magic is strong in the air, as Ellarynth dips her fingers 
into the offering bowl again. Hand dripping, she places her thumb upon Vasharr and drags it across 
his brow.
Vasharr pounds his fist over his chest as he lets loose a rumbling roar.

Using the blood offered by those of the Dark Arts, Theophilus prepares to receive 
the Singularity's mark. Ellarynth approaches with strength and pride, drawing a line down his face 
and bisecting it perfectly.
A trace of a smile graces his lips as Theophilus locks his gaze with you, his visage solemn at the 
act of solidarity.

Walks directly up to Sadey with pride in her eyes. Raising her hand from the bowl, 
Ellarynth leaves five streaks of blood diagonally across her face.

Done with Sadey, Ellarynth walks to her brother. Staring him directly in the eye, 
she smears blood from eyes to mouth of him.

Returning to the exact center of the pentagram, Ellarynth stands straight and noble
as she takes in the view of all that have attended. Lifting her gaze and her arms to the heavens, 
the offering bowl poised above her, she slowly pours the remaining blood onto herself. The blue ink 
used for the pentagram flares with power at the completion of the ritual as the strength and unity 
of the Empire empowers all those present.

Speaking in a voice that is loud and clear, one which resonates into the mind and 
heart of every person gathered, Ellarynth says "The path that is behind us is a tool for the future,
yet if you allow it to become your weakness then you hinder progression. It matters not what we were
yesterday or a century ago. We are the greatest force upon the soil of Aetherius because we choose 
to be greater. We choose to shed our past and the ignorance from it that hindered us. You must each 
make the choice to carry this message forward with you and share in the Unity of the Brother and 
Sisterhood of the Noctusari. From this day forward you are to be the symbol of greatness that 
resides deep within each of you." Lowering her gaze once again, Ellarynth grasps the sides of her 
gown at her thighs and while raising it to just at her ankles she bends into a low and graceful 
curtsey before everyone.

You say, "I do hope to see everyone at my next ritual when it is complete. The next will be 
Lord Kabaal Lynne-S'Sylistha, Charmer Snake says, "Bloody well done, Lady Singularity."

Kabaal gives a round of applause.
Sadey claps her hands together merrily.

You beam broadly.
Kabaal wipes a bit of blood from his cheek and sniffs it.
Theophilus steps forward to approach you. After a pause, he reaches to embrace you gently. 
Withdrawing, he looks into the eyes of you and says, "I am very proud of you. Well done."

You say to Theophilus, "Thank you, my Imperator."
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