"The tthiiNgs yyour mrther almays warned you abouht."

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I don't have this part of the log, but basically @Iniar and Theophilus go to Niccolo, the Sage to find out the meaning of life. We sit cross-legged in front of him, like children, and Niccolo tells Iniar that his meaning is to burn things. Theo doesn't get an answer... yet. He gives Iniar a horn and tells him to go outside of the city and blow said horn. We did as we were told.

We fight these dwarves and orcs. Drunk.

Raykel and Sharatar join us, thankfully, and help us defeat them.

Iniar AFKs (and leaves me) but while he does, he market tells:

You recall that (2015/02/12 07:29) Iniar said:
"The tthiiNgs yyour mrther almays warned you abouht. The ormouhry, 29130."
(The things your mother always warned you about. The Armoury, 29130)

After the battle, Theophilus scratches in the sand to Raykel and Sharatar, "Iniar and I were asking Niccolo the meaning of 
life. Niccolo told Iniar his meaning was to burn things and gave him a horn to blow. We 
came here and blew the horn and all of a sudden, we were rushed by drunken dwarves and orcs, held 
down and whiskey was poured into our mouths. We fought our ways free of their hold but found ourselves drunk when 
we emerged. And that is how you found us."

You begin to second guess your decision to get so sloshed.

You say to Niccolo, "D *hic* amnn you."

You cough softly.

You say to Niccolo, "Damn you."

His eyes gleaming with amusement and wisdom, Niccolo says to Theophilus, 
"Now wasn't that fun, Imperator?"
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    Sorry had to AFK :( 
    wit beyond measure is a Sidhe's greatest treasure
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    Kanthari said:

    Somewhere in the middle of this, a certain drunk Imperator and his fearless sidekick tried to stage a daring (extremely inebriated) rescue when I died to crawlers. I spent like 5 minutes trying to figure out what the hell they were doing. 10/10 would get rescued again.

    Yesterday I rezzed you into an ebonmarrow, tried to rez you from another ebonmarrow but you were too quick, and then tried to come to you at crawlers. I got two soulspears in exchange for my good karma. By the second and third time, Kanthari was making sure he got out of the Underworld before Theo could get to him.

    Oh yeah.. I also rezzed Baasche on accident after we killed him at a shardfall. Total failure yesterday.
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