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    Anette said:

    How often can you vote on TMS anyways?

    To steal from a nice post Sarapis made on Achaea:
    Sarapis said:

    • You can vote every 12 hours. Topmudsites will not tell you if your vote counts or not, however. To be sure you're getting two votes counted a day, it's ideally best to vote about every 8 hours.
    • If you have multiple people in your household voting be aware that duplicate votes from the same network won't count.
    • Note that voting via a cell signal and vs. a network will both count, which is one way of dealing with the above. They'll both count, every 12 hours.
    • Same with votes from different networks. Each network can be used to vote twice per day.
    • It's one vote per 12 hours per network, not per game. So, you can't vote on a particular network more than once every 12 hours - if you vote for multiple games in that 12 hours from that network, only the first vote will count.
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    I believe by "network" TMS actually looks at the first three parts of your IP address. So places with the same or very similar IP addresses won't count (e.g. different computers in your home or in a computer lab), but on a different ISP certainly will.
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    I was wondering because there's been a lot of times where I've voted for the first time in a day where it still hasn't seemed to count :/
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    you forgot to bring your imperian issued ID.
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    For giant monsters

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